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Natalie and Kolton


Paula Wolter

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Natalie and Kolton

Some enemies are Eagles, hawks, skunks, and foxes
are snakes enemies. Enemies Mouth Parts by Natalie and Kolton Snakes Snakes have muscle to open their mouth
and there is a lock in their mouth. Babies Baby snakes hatch from eggs. Mother snakes
hatch up to 5 to 30 eggs.In about 10 weeks
12 - inch babies hatch. Where They Live Their habitat are trees,
under ground
desert, rainforest and snakes live every where but the north and the south. Size Animal Defenses Snakes blend in its
own habitat. Some snakes
squeeze their prey then
swallow their prey whole. Python is 10-30ft.
Cobra is 8-18ft.
Boa is 6-18ft.
Rat snake 3 1/2-81/2ft.
Rattlesnake 3-8ft.
Garter snake 1 1/2-4ft. Food Body Parts The tracheal lung
is near the head.
Trachea is connected
to the head.Esophagus is
near the head and heart. Birds,frogs,wild pigs,mouse,rats,mice,
bunnies and lizards are snake food. What Kind of Animal is a Snake? Body covering Snakes are reptiles. It rubs its head on rocks. scales
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