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7F- Asia-Diana Madison Erin


diana brown

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of 7F- Asia-Diana Madison Erin

CHINA By US Standard 7.5.3 Describe the values, social customs, and traditions prescribed by the Lord -Vassal system consisting of Shogun, Damiyo, Samurai Shogun kdljadljcndsaj Shogun is the supreme military commander. The emperor granted the shogun to the leader of the imperial army. Samurai The samurai were skilled and fierce warriors. In exchange for their service the emperor promised them land and money. The samurai followed the code of Bushido. The Bushido governed a samurai's life. They spent years learning how to use a sword. Samurai trained fiercely and died in honor. Under the Bushido code, loyalty to ones lord, was more important than loyalty to ones family. Shoguns continued Life under the shogun was lawless and violent. The first shogun was Minamoto Yortono. Emperor Shogun Daimyo Peasants artisans merchants Samurai Daimyo The responsibility of the Daimyo was to take care and protect the people in towns. The Daiyo relied on the peasants to maintain his land and in return he promised protection He provided protection by the use of a small army of samurai. 1. Who were the samurai?
2. What was the diamyo in charge of?
3. Who was the shogun? Question 1. Brave warriors
2. Protecting the
3. The imperial military
general Citation Littell, McDougal World History: Medieval and early Modern times. Sacramento CED 2006 Hart Diane. Medieval early modern times. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: A Prentice Hall !!!!
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