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Naruto based

Kevin Ochoa

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Naruto

Naruto (kid life)
This is naruto and his
team, team 7, naruto,
sakura, sasuke, and Kakashi.
These are some of
of Naruto's pals from
when they were young
they are strong ninja
strong genin
The chunin exams is a chance for
young genin to be promoted to chunin.
Check out four of the fights from the previous
chunin exams.
Meet the Naruto world!
Now , I want to let you see the
FINAL FIGHT!!! of the naruto saga
as a kid, so I can move on to when
everyone was older enjoy Naruto
v.s. Sasuke!
There are some main characters tha t are as evil as hell, so check out
Orochimaru kill the 3rd hokage!
Now, I'll move on to the next
chapter in the Naruto saga!
Naruto (Shippuden life)
This is Naruto as a I beileve, sixteen
years old this is where the manga is
right now. Let's see what happened
so far?!?!
After the fight with Naruto and Sasuke
everyone grew older and began training.
Later, they reunited two years later and
they began to go on missions again. Naruto
and Sakura tried to find Sasuke and bring
him back and it seems the akatsuki want to
start a ninja war with the ten tailed jinjuriki
host what are they planning???
These are some of the characters of shippuden
and this era of Naruto has a ton of twists in this
time like Sasuke is a akatsuki and has his own
team. Well I'll get into that soon enough, in the
mean time, see the picture above The Taka!
Well, soon after Naruto figured out what Sasuke
was up to, like I said earlier, Sasuke built a team
,but when they were assembled they were known
as The Hebi ,but later named The Taka, Sasuke, suigetsu, Karin, and Judo. First they found there way
through fighting akatsuki and then, Sasuke killed his
brother, Itachi Uchiha! witness two fights I gathered.
After that happens Jiraya gets killed by pain. So soon after Naruto goes and trains in the way of the toad sage and in the end kills pain. Watch it happen, but note it's in japanese so I'm really sorry, I couldn't find english.
Alright, right now in the manga, Akatsuki
began a war with all the ninja with ultimate
weapons like Madara Uchiha, Tobi Uchiha,
Sasuke Uchiha, and the ten tailed Uchiha
jinjuriki host, now that Naruto can use nine
tails we have a chance to win. So if you want
more, please tell me in a comment. Peace!
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