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Average Salary for Top 10 automotive Technician

This presentation is about the top 10 automotive technincian company to work for and their facts about.

Josue Jose

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Average Salary for Top 10 automotive Technician

This is about the top 10 car company for a
technician salary by the most to least Average Salary for the top 10
technician company's In seventh place is another Japanese car that is is a great car brand in the U.S. and its Subaru. Mazda is another tuner vehicle from Japan. This company is like Nissan but with more choices to buy a good vehicle. Mazda Motor Company has been around for 92 years and this company has experience. But when years has passed there logo have changed five times and this fifth one is to represent the future. The last one we had had represent the past. The average technician salary is $63,000 per year This car company is in the ninth place and it's another tuner from Japan. Aston Martin is a British vehicle that has a very high class car and different cars has use for two split reason. Racing and joying riding. The Aston Martin was build to be serious and with concept. This car is in the top 10 for the salary also the salary is $107,000. The car that is under this texts is a 2012 Aston Martin One 77. Aston Martin has a good salary for technician and it has the highest salary work for Aston Martin Performance Index:
V-12 Engine
750 h.p.
220 m.p.h.
$1.5 million This luxury car comes in 2Nd for the technician salary. Performance Index
616 h.p.
205 m.p.h.
$176,725 The Bentley Continental GT is amazing luxury car that can only be around high class areas or at night in Miami, Florida or in some parts of California. This type of car has a very strong motor for this car. Since 2003 this car was notice and was use in three different category magazine covers, luxury life and world wide racing. The salary is $89,000 for technician and the car you are going to see is modified version from the GT. Volkswagen is a amazing car from Germany. This car was produce since 1937 and has a great meaning fr VW. Volkswagen means the "People's car." This company still has the VW Beetle, Passat and the Golf in production but modified to a 21St Century . Every car company has a special car and VW is one of those. Under this paragraph is the 2001 Volkswagen Nardo W-12 Concept. The technician salary for Volkswagen is $77,000. Volkswagen is a great car company with a high end car and came in third for technician salary Performance Index
W-12 Engine
600+ h.p.
220 m.p.h.
$200,000 This car company has cars in lots of places. But some cars were not street legal here in the U.S. Those cars are called fresh import if they ever come here and some of them are very customizable. Some of the cars are sports but most of them are more of tuners.
The average salary pay for this company
is $70,000 This car company is all in Japan and this comes in fourth for salary technician . Performance Index
332 h.p.
160 m.p.h.
$32,000 This car in particular was had a good amount of years and this car company has good cars for starters. The car that they make were simple then the cars got a little complex and concpet. This car you see here is a 2012 Saturn Sky (this car is also in a formula drift the driver is Darren McNamara). The average salary is $69,000 per year. In fifth for technician salary is a car brand that is called Saturn. Performance index: V-6 engine, 173 h.p.,145 m.p.h., $30,000, Lamborghini use to start off in tractors for farmers and things in that nature. After years pass and the 60's hit Lamborghini started to make cars in sports. 1967 had the year of the Lamborghini Miura which had the had a mid-engine in it. years pass the cars have gone to the Lamborghini Countach to the Diablo to Murcielago, LP, Garllardo, Reventon, and Aventador. The average salary for technician is $67,000 per year. In sixth was a high class car that shock me that is in this postion and it's the Lamborghini. Performance Index:
V-12 engine
670 h.p.
212 m.p.h.
$273,000 Subaru has great cars like Toyota and Ford with a couple of sports car and family cars or sedan that are good long lasting cars. The new Subaru Impreza STI is a hatchback that has a outstanding performance for it's kind. The car you see under this paragraph is a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. For this car company an average salary pay for technician is $65,000 per year. Performance index:
160 m.p.h.
280 h.p.
Flat 4 engine
$32,000 The BMW is one the middle class sport cars to reach in speeds most middle class can't reach. BMW has been around about Nissan did and these cars were in a battle to see which car is better. But over the years BMW keep improving and cars in this class never disappoint for its type. For this company the average technician salary pay is $64,000 a year. In eighth place is a car that is in Europe
and is a little higher class car than middle class cars in the United states Performance Index:
V8 engine
420 h.p.
182 m.p.h.
$64,000 Performance index:
In line 4
225 h.p.
132 m.p.h.
around $26,000 Mercury was the one who was shut down by the Ford company to stop taking replicas from Ford. Mercury had been around since 1930's and a few were copies. Then years pass they started to make there own model then 1990 hit the Ford Motor Company was heated about it. The average technician salary is $62,000 per year. Under this Paragraph is the last model Mercury made. In tenth is a cars company that shut down last year for taking models from Ford Motor Company Performance index:
In Line 4
155 h.p.
120 m.h.p.
About $20,000 By Josue Jose
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