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The "Final Solution"

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Lexi Saunders

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of The "Final Solution"

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Concentration Camps The Death Camps The "Jewish Problem":
The Nazis initial plan to remove all of the Jews from Germany
was forced emigration. Their hatred of the Jewish race led the Nazis
to devise a plan known as The Madagascar Plan, which forcefully
encouraged Jews to emigrate to the island of Madagascar. The Madagascar Plan failed because many countries refused to accept Jewish refugees.
Deportation of the Jews:
The First Step of 'The Final Solution" The execution of the Jews took presidence over the war effort. The Deception
of the Deportation:
The Jews were informed that they were being "resettled" for their jobs.
They were encouraged to bring their personal items
such as clothing, shoes, eating utensils, and money. The deportees were then forced into windowless rail cars where they were locked inside without water or sanitary facilities. "The dead were not removed from the cars
during the journey because the Nazi bureaucracy
insisted that each body entering a car
be accounted for at the destination." December 1939 - March 1942 The Nazi Ghettos
Factories were also built within the ghetto walls.
Many Jews became slaves to German industries. The food ration was 1/4 the amount given to Germans.
The water was also contaminated in many of the ghettos. Medicine was not allowed in the ghettos.
"Bodies of new victims piled up in the streets faster than they could be carted away."

In the Warsaw ghetto, over 70,000 Jews died in the first two winters.
While the primary purpose of the ghettos was to serve as a holding area for Jews prior to their deaths in the camps. The abominable conditions in the ghettos "naturally" diminshed the Jewish population through starvation, disease, and cold. The Theresienstadt Ghetto:
a "showpiece" ghetto The Theresienstadt Ghetto was created
to deceive the International Red Cross
into believing that the ghettos
were enjoyable places for the Jews to live. The Nazis built flower gardens, shops,
schools, and a cafe in the showpiece ghetto.
They also made a documentary propaganda
film portraying life in this ghetto. Not surprisingly, the jewish actors
in the propaganda film were
sent to a death camp immediately
after the film was created.

Nazi Germany's solution to this problem
became know as "The Final Solution"
which called for the systematic murder
of millions of Jews.
"The Final Solution" At the Wannsee Conference on January 20th, 1942, the Nazis
"under the cover of war, developed the technology, bureaucracy, and psychology of
hate to efficiently murder millions of Jews." The Goals of "The Final Solution":
1) Deportation of the Jews to killing centers, including the immediate deaths of those who
were unable to work or the very young, the old, and the weak.
2) Segregration by gender of the remaining Jews. The Nazi concentration camps were originally used to imprison political opponents.
The S.S. expanded the camps to house other "undesirable," such as the Jews. Upon arrival at the camps,
the inmates were stipped of their valuables and clothes.

In the case of Auschwitz,
numbers were tattooed
on the arms of the prisoners. "Each step of the process
was designed to dehumanize the prisoners,
both physically and emotionally." A Day at the
Concentration Camps: Each day began at dawn,
where the innmates were sent in groups to go the bathroom,
directly followed by breakfast consisting of bread
and a liquid substitute for coffee or tea.
They worked for 10-14 hours in either mines,
factories, and road or airfield building.
The weather conditions never prohibited work. The innmates slept in barracks which housed 300-800 Jews,
with 3 to 4 assigned to each bed. If one of the innmates attempted
to escape or resisted the guards orders, they were shot on the spot. The death camps used by the Nazi's during the
Holocaust were designed to cheaply and efficiently murder millions of Jews.
The Deception Jews deported to the death camps were entirely unaware
of their fate. The Nazi's intended to deceive the victims into
believing they were being resettled for work. The Reality In reality, the death camps consisted of gas chambers designed to
murder 2,000 Jews in 5 minutes. At Auschwitz, the most infamous death camp,
12,000 Jews were killed each day. "Innocent victims were exploited
and desecrated to a degree
unknown in human history." The Nazis decided that despite their need for war related transportation the trucks and rail cars were to be used to deport the Jews to the concentration camps. In 1941, the S.S. head, Heinrich Himmler,
issued a significant change
in Nazi policy regarding "The Jewish Problem." 3) Decimination through forced labor with insignificant nourishment.
4) Eventual death for those that remain. Their hair was shaven off, they were forced into a shower, and given a prison uniform for their clothing.
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