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iGoogle PLE: From Student to Scholar in a Matter of Minutes

Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario / RILS Plan for creating an iGoogle homepage.

Rosetta Cash

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of iGoogle PLE: From Student to Scholar in a Matter of Minutes

RILS PLAN 2 Relevant and Innovation
Learning Scenario iGoogle PLE: From Student to Scholar
in a Matter of Minutes PROJECT: Target Audience: 6-8 undergraduate students
in the inner city community Materials: • Computers / laptops
• Internet access
• Digital / video camera Objectives Participants will be able to: • Create a PLE – Personal Learning Environment
using the Web 2.0 tool, iGoogle
• Quickly access, search for, and list websites for
scholarly articles, images, videos, etc • Create tabs for each course in which they
are enrolled and easily track their assignments
• Formulate opportunities to collaborate with
teachers, students, and friends
•Create a blog, blog posts, and follow other
bloggers Procedure 1. Open the link: http://www.google.com/ig

2. Take the video tour for iGoogle features: http://www.google.com/help/ig/videotour/
and research it’s various applications.

3. Follow the steps to create an iGoogle PLE-
Personal Learning Environment.

4. Select your theme and personalize your
homepage 5. Add a tab for each of your courses (you
can select a different theme for each page)

6. Click on “add stuff” and search the Gadgets
to personalize each course. Make sure that you
include the following gadgets on each course page:
Box of Links: list frequently used Internet websites
Google Scholar
Google Reader
To Do List
Google Docs 7. Once you have created your iGoogle PLE
take screenshots of each tab you created.

8. Using Blogger, each student will create a blog.
Click on this link (http://www.blogger.com/) and
follow the instructions on how to create your blog. 9. Post to your blog the iGoogle
screenshots you took, your experiences,
and your reflections before and after
creating and using iGoogle. Include
whether you think this tool will be
beneficial to you and how.

10. Each student will email the URL
address of your blog to each of your
classmates and the instructor. 11. Each student is to follow their classmate’s
blogs and post comments to at least two of your
classmates’ blogs.

12. Once you have posted you comments you
will email the instructor and your classmates a link
(URL address) to your post. I encourage you to use
your blogs for ongoing discussions. Web 2.0 Tool: iGoogle A free Web 2.0 tool that allows you to
organizeand access your social networks, research, favorite and frequently used
websites, g-mail, and more. Social Participation: • Participants will be creating their individual iGoogle PLE and make sure that gadgets for their social networking sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter…)
are visible on their homepage.

• Each student will create a blog, link to each classmate’s blog and post comments in response to discussion questions. Making Connections: Students will have an opportunity to collaborate
and discuss their individual viewpoint and knowledge
before and after the project.

They will discuss through their blog post comments, interviews, and reflections what they knew about the
iGoogle app prior to beginning the project.

They will be able to connect with persons world wide
using the social networks that they created / added to
their iGoogle PLE. Create / Produce: Each student will create and actively use an iGoogle PLE. Each student will create a blog.

Each will participant in the creation of a post reflective video discussing what they knew about
and what they learned as a result of the project. Assessment Rubric: Individual Input & Initiative
Depth and Breadth of Project Content and Presentation
Use of web 2.0 tool
Writing, presentation, and style REFLECTIONS Participants will have an opportunity to
create a pre and post research video
discussing what they knew about iGoogle
and what they have learned as a result of
their research. They will discuss how and if this new
information has changed their perspective.

They will also be able to include in the second
video their feelings about the benefit and
effectiveness of the overall project.
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