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Among the hidden

A book club group presentation

Super Nova

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Among the hidden

Among the hidden*
Margaret P. Haddix
Characters: Minor & Major
Things to know
Luke Garner is standing outside, looking at the new neighborhood being built, replacing the woods. Luke heard his Mom calling him inside, where Luke was going to stay. He was never allowed to go outside again.
Major characters:
Luke: brave, smart, and funny
Jen: the hubris
Luke's family: loving, caring, and worries
It has been a while since the "Bad Barons" moved in, and Luke has been noticing that after everybody leaves to school or work, some lights have been going on and off in the closest Baron house. Could another third child be in there?
Setting: The neighborhood built around Luke's house
A Farewell Forever
After reading the books, Jen thinks that Luke is ready to hear Jen's plan.
After the rally, Luke breaks in Jen's house again, shuts down the alarm, and meets Jen's dad. Mr. Talbot sadly shares that Jen was murdered. Then he offers Luke a fake ID.
Luke is a "shadow child",an illegal child forbidden by the government.
Minor characters:
Jen's friends & family: cautious, fun
Government: greedy, dominant
Neighbors: Barons
Presentation by: Nova R. Fleming
*This book is a serial
Failed: Jen tried to do a rally, but it ended up resulting in murder.
Theorized: Luke will keep working to be legal.
Theme: "Never give up"
gives up.
On the perfect day, Luke sneaks over to the Baron's house, breaks through the screen, and sets off the burglar alarm.
Luke then meets Jen Talbot, she tackles him, then she gives him some books to read that are about the government.
Jen tells Luke about the Rally. Luke objects,
saying that it is too dangerous and that Jen is
thinking the wrong way. Then Jen gets angry
and tells Luke to leave.
In the morning, Jen comes over to Luke's house to tell him good-bye.
Thank You!!!
Thank you for reading this prezi. I hope you like this book and/or this series.
Luke goes home after visiting the Talbot's home. He then explains all of his adventure with the Talbots. Luke finally comes to the part when he accepts the fake ID of Lee Grant. Lee now sits down in the fancy car to start his new life.
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