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No description

Joanne Gries

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of JASMIN-EVANS

It is amazing!!!!!!!!
Welcome to Neptune !!!!!
daily weather conditions
buy one get one FREE!!!!
If you buy something for $100 you will get something for $2,000 FREE!!!!!
Here on Neptune we half 10 days of school each month and 5 hours of school. 1 hour for RECES!!!
all about school
if it is to cold we may not have school for a month. And if it is to hot we may not have school for for month again.
there super fun!!!!!!!!
if it is to cold or to hot on Neptune by the time you go on your vacation we will let you have your vacation for FREE !!!!
Neptune has 8 moons so you can really get the view of 8 moons.
the night sky
we will let you go anywhere at any time.
on Neptune it is cold ,so bring your gackets because it is very cold.
there is 2 mayor moons ,so you'll probably you'll only see the 2 mayor moons.
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