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INS 200

No description

Ana Farhana

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of INS 200

Classify Activities

Identify Hazard

Assess The Risk

Risk Control

Review Risk Control cont.. HAZARD
A source or a situation with a potential for harm to humans, property and damage of environment or a combination of these. INS 200 RISK
A combination of likelihood of occurrence and severity of injury or damage. 1.Broken Rain Cover
It can causes someone leg to be trapped in the drain cover that could to injures 2.Broken Window
Broken mirrow can lead to flow of rain water and lead to the socket nearby 3. Many plug in one socket
If there we too many socket in
one socket,it can causes electricity shock 4. Broken Ceiling
Broken ceiling can lead to the enterence of unexpected person such as bugler and it can causes fall to someone head MEASURE TO
BE TAKEN Uitm management replace
or change the damaged
goods by imposing fines on student who doing damage on Uitm goods. Uitm management should
do a physical inspection every 2 or 3 month every year to check whether their is a damage or not Student must have
self awarenees to maintain the Uitm property for others student uses 6. Defective Wiring
Defective wiring can cause an electric shock and lead to that 7. Imcomplete drainage
It can causes the floor to be slippery and people could fall down Student and Uitm management need to coorporate for the success of 5S campaign. 5.Unorganized Stair
People could fall because
the stair is not fully organized or broken 8. Cracking on sewerage
If someone are step on the cover they may fall into the sewerage due to the cracking 9.Broken Door
Broken door can lead to injuries if someone accidentally stepped and it also lead to a habitat of poisonous insect such as scorpion 10.Sliperry floor
Slippery floor can lead someone to fall and obtain injury due to leaking pipes THE END OF

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