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E-learning? Student's Choice

No description

Elena Filatova

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of E-learning? Student's Choice

Social Issues Technical aspects I will study wherever I have
access to a computer and Internet! Organizational issues Organizational Aspects Quality Issues Social Aspects E-learning learning? Student's Choice Disadvantages Advantages Shall I try e-learning? Quality Issues Internet provides a plethora of exciting and informative educational resources tools! Technical aspects There will be more possibilities for me and other students to cheat during the studying process and examinations.... Money Time management Internet access What can I expect from e-learning? What shall I take into consideration? New technologies Interactivity Flexibility Law costs Academic freedom Independence Worldwide access to information Scheduling Self organization skills Quality of courses Assessment criteria My computer skills My academic interests Methods of teaching Involvement of technology Organization of the learning process If sooo.. What do I have to think about? Students' participation Role of professors and tutors How e -learning is different from traditional learning? Learning materials Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning? I will learn more about new technologies and get advanced technical skills! Via Internet I'll have an access to information all around the world! Managing computer files and online learning software may be complex for me as for beginner-level computer user... Slow Internet connections and other technical problems may make accessing
e-course materials frustrating for me... I may become depended on Internet and get lost in social networks and online gambling.... I will schedule learning around my
personal life and professional work! I will have to be really
motivated to study on my one....
otherwise I may fall behind... Without the routine structures of a traditional class, I may get lost or confused about course activities and deadlines... I have have really good time management skills to complete my courses... My instructors may not always be available when I will be studying or need help... I will be isolated from my classmates... I will not have a true student and campus life.... I will remain unnoticed by my professors and there will be not emotional interactivity between me and them... I will be able to meet online students from all over the world and learn more about their cultures and countries! Modern technologies will allow me to access the richest libraries and to learn from the best professors in the world! The content of online courses might be mediocre, because universities may care more about gaining more students and earning money.... I will be able to choose my one way of studying, to take my time and to pay attention to aspects which I find important which will improve my academic performance! @IndoJacco Matrix Partners To the attention of David Skok Thank You for the inspiration David,
Jacco Campbell, CA What to do? Online learners’ community and forums will allow me to stay in contact with my classmates before, during and after the course! Budapest San
Francisco Courses involving group working will make my interaction will my classmates more intense than in the frames of traditional learning process! Audio/video materials and digital tools will make my learning not only more interesting, but also more effective! Studies Life Team working Out of office Not available I will reduce travel costs and
time to and from courses! 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Elearning E-learning
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