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Point of Sales exposure in Big Data Quality

Socialize a new and more secure way of preventing fraud.

Lisa Martinez

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Point of Sales exposure in Big Data Quality

Consumer Protection Each citizen requires the ability to control and protect your identity.
Every citizen has a right to choose who and when information collection begins and ends.
What if your career depends on having flawless integrity? A Consumer and Customer A parent has a role of a consumer and also represents a customer when working on acquisition of goods and/or services from a supplier or service provider. Information Reference Relationships Threats have transitioned to a reality. We no longer can rely on being an exception
As citizens; We have a right to choose.
We have a right to be judged on our actions, not the actions of others.
We have a right to work
Without threat of a harmed or false representation of credit history.
As citizens; We have a responsibility to
We should have an available balance, with an opportunity to authorize and confirm the purchase.
Re-engineer from pull to push in Facebook April 29, 2012 May 2, 2012 April 30, 2012 Deadline Extended
Pushed to 5/2/2012 Post on CHisppa Facebook page Community Advocate post on
high school page

Post on wall for MESA leader
a SJSU program with the same audience

Post on FCDC
Post on East Side Heros'
Within an hour 5 candidates were confirmed

1st quality candidate applies online MESA 1200+ students would supply their Personal Identifiable Information online
No confidence in the management of the information
1199 will not be chosen - yet information retained Consumer threat Consumer opportunity Re-engineer from pull to push model using Facebook Discreet Test Problem Consumers have little control over protecting their financial integrity.
Too many companies acquire and fail to protect a consumers information Pull everyone to any service provider or supplier Trusted Source - Protect 3rd party payment merchants Have been using human computer logic rather than ensuring 2 forms of identification.

Payment processing requires ethical behaviors in accepting a payment.

If the payment was authorized by a payment merchant the accountable party must be the merchant. Consumer Fraud - Disputes Facebook A window into the consumer audience If we can use a mobile device to promote a purchase of a pair of shoes
We must use the same concept to provide pre-authorized access to human services
Before promoting luxury or use of information for retail
Do we have a responsibility to provide access to healthcare?
If consumers haven't authorized the collection nor acquisition of my information in written form...ie...not by having me agree to terms before I can access my pages which were not free
I am charged the right to my privacy.
Indirect Results of Fraud Consumer Integrity leaves a black cloud Contractual authorization How will anyone do anything?
If you want to have 1 in 1200 chance Quality over Quantity Motivation and playing the odds
The odds are against these kids
Why give a kid a candy then take it away?
1199 students will apply and not be selected (assumption only a few are chosen and this number represents the students in the zone who did not apply for the free camp
In a pull model we have no choice
In a push model the supplier provides the offer and the pages in a community do the rest.
A total audience would remain as an available data point
The difference being the way an offer produces 1200 applicants or 5 quality candidates. Zero response as school administration had no one to pass A local university defines an offer The offer selects a specific group of young adults
Grades 10-12.
Upon review the program leader realizes NONE of the students from East Side Union High Schools have applied. Testing a theory Kids in the missing district have rarely been selected "ever".
The kids have become aware and avoid any self inflicted occurrences.
Being denied for everything has become a way of life and the kids are not interested in signing up for rejection. Have you ever known anyone who was chosen? Consumer Perception Service Provider Response If the administration isn't encouraging any students potential... Why would a student believe they are going to have a chance to win? Service Provider Lost Records 80,000 individual records lost Records include parent and child birth dates, social security numbers, health insurance details
Payment or balance information County Audit Report Summary Fingerprint system corrective action Staff supporting the match between a person in custody at time of arrest and criminal records uses subjective rather than objective reviews
Skills must be increased and process to attain proper resource introduced.
Forensic identification flawed and bias may have resulted in charges against or arrest records associated to the wrong persons.
Master Data records may have been associated to the wrong person(s). 16 providers consolidated into a single waiting list
Data Analysis for data migration planning had serious risk to the timeline on accelerated delivery
Once the data was analyzed for duplicates
only 20% of the data was unique
8 conservative duplicates guaranteed
1 family with all associated details about the parents and children were supplied by as many as 12 different participating providers
Families were unaware and had never released the family details to their knowledge. County Supply and Demand for 0-5 year old Child development block grant-Overstated Demand Service Providers Claims The majority of providers in our county have programs well beyond the 5 mile travel zone that most of these populations are willing to travel. Claims without supplying service using demand list Identity Theft Voice of the Customer on behalf of the Consumer and local reporting flaws In 2000, a consumers identity was stolen. At the time the authorities would not respond nor file a case until the person reporting the theft supplied the name of the person who stole the identity?
The consumer paid 10,000 in debt to address the problem.

In 2001, the theft was not related to check fraud and opening accounts.
The new behavior was using identity to re-open credit cards paid.
The charges were in excess of the credit card balance, which should not have been faulted to the consumer considering my own attempt to charge a few dollars over the limit was never allowed.
Why would a criminal have this authority.

In 2011, the consumer acquires credit report and learns that many charges were applied to address and names from 10 years earlier with current activity. Credit disputes were transferred from one credit agency to another rather than removed as reported to the person who subscribed to the service.

In 2011, the tax preparer hired by the same person was the victim of fraud and evidence showed access to the computer files were printed and saved by a guest user.
Police would not open a case without evidence of criminal acts.

4 online request denied
2 visits to police reporting officer of the day
1 phone call

No resolution

In 2012, one of the creditors from 12 years earlier claimed cards had earned interest in an amount greater than 1k on a card with a $300.00 credit limit.
The same caller wanted to collect on another card from the same finance company in the amount greater than 1k on a $200.00 credit limit.

Plus another card from the same company for an amount greater than 1k on a card with $300.00 credit limit.

Credit reporting agency informed the subscriber that the records show the balance paid in the amount of two cards $500.00. Despite being 10 years or more old the payment in good standing was remaining on the report as a way to supply verification of credit history. 14 major companies are indicted
Collecting contacts from users phones, online accounts Texas supreme court - class action lawsuit Congress approves bill to allow companies to acquire personal information about any consumer Public opinion was not considered
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