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EDSE 327: Target Audience Lesson Plan

No description

Heidi Lane

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of EDSE 327: Target Audience Lesson Plan

What does it mean to be a "Target Audience"? Grade Level: 9
Learner Outcome: 2.1 Use comprehension Strategies
Identify explicit and implicit ideas and information in texts; listen and respond to various interpretations of the same text A Closer Look: What does it say?
What do we literally see? What does it do?
What is it selling?
Who is the target audience? Why? What does it mean?
What is the "hidden" meaning?
Is it effective for that audience? How about for you? Wrap Up & Assignment Your assignment: Create your own ad
Can be selling/promoting anything
Consider your target audience
May be drawn, computer generated, collage, etc.
Have both an explicit and implicit meaning
Must provide a write up explaining your ad in the three steps demonstrated in class
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