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jasmine Punn

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Racism

Racism By: Manseerat & Jasmine Introduction How did Racism start? Why are people racist? More interesting Facts Conclusion Racism happens all around the world and it needs to stop. What is racism anyways? Racism is an unfair treatment of people because they are from a different race. In other words, its when someone picks on another person just because of their different skin color, creed or religion. Its also a type of bullying. People are racist because they were taught to be. Many children are influenced by their parents and others. Some just think that it's easy and fun to pick on people who are different. Also because they don't like certain people and they hate the idea of difference. Racism started when humans were divided into groups called races.Then people started to look at them and notice differences between other people (skin color, race, culture/religion) and assume that some people are just better than others. Setting To be specific, we're talking about racism in a form of bullying that occurs in school, between teenagers. Non-profit Organizations Racism is huge problem all around the world. Fortunately, some organizations do help to eliminate racism. Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society (CAERS)
> non-profit organization
>Founded in 1984 in Vancouver,B.C.
>CAERS tracks hate groups
>Gives support to the victims of the hate groups Hate Groups A hate group is made of people who discriminate between others. They are in favor of violence, racism, genderism. Non-profit Organizations Anti-Racism
>non-profit organization
>act against racism
>fight to promote a society without discrimination European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance-(ECRI)
>founded in 1993
>fight for human rights, act against discrimination and racism Possible Solutions First of all, we should stop being racist ourselves, act as a role model for younger children. Because when they grow up, chances are that they'll follow us and want to act like us.
Also, to teach everyone to learn to respect someone and treat them equally, for who they are. The most common reason that racism occurs is because of the lack of knowledge the racist has about different cultures. Also, because they don't like difference. We should try to teach them to adapt to these changes and change their point of view. Sculpture So basically racism is a huge problem in our society that needs to stop immediately. Some people need to learn how to respect others and treat them equally. There are many organizations that do a lot to help our society become a better place. We hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from our presentation.

Thank you :D
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