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Diversity & Inclusion

Managing Diversity in The Global Economy, ORBC1-UC2220, Professor Deborah Brown

Patricia McKelvin

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Initiatives
Executive Leadership
The Goal:
Today, Global Business Success
Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
depends highly on an organization's ability to:
the contributions of a diverse, multicultural workforce.
and Maximize
To achieve functional diversity that works for all stakeholders.
The Plan:
Create an
Inclusive Culture
and get everybody in on it.
Especially Top Management!

Diversity efforts fail due to the lack of understanding and application of
by senior leaders who are empowered to...
Set the tone for inclusion at the top.
Invest in training and development surrounding diversity and inclusion.
Support inclusion by creating affinity groups and provide networking opportunities for minority workers.
Express commitment to D&I and role model inclusive behaviors.
Hold people accountable for learning, modeling and communicating the importance of an inclusive workplace and inclusive business practices.
White males represent the overwhelming majority of business executives.
White males remain the
most influential
on change and diversity & inclusion (D&I) initiatives.
for leveraging the authority of executive leaders to progress D&I within the organization.
Executive Leaders should...
Practice Informed and committed leadership
Develop a comprehensive scope of goals and activities

Integrate D&I of objectives within business plans throughout the organization
Dedicate resources
Provide focused education and training opportunities
which develop cultural intelligence
Review and develop relevant policies surrounding D&I
Share responsibility and individual accountability
Measurement and evaluation.
Forbes Insights. (2011). Global Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce. New York: Forbes.

Shelton, C. (2012). Invest in Readiness: A Ten-Step Strategy for Inclusive Leadership with White Male Executives. Seattle: Greatheart Leader Labs, LLC.

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WMFDP, L. (2014, May 10). Retrieved from White Men as Full Diversity Partners: http://www.wmfdp.com/services-helping-you-get-started-customized-approach.html

Change management of any kind requires thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation. It means overcoming fears and forging ahead with courage.
However, creating an inclusive work environment can bring about dramatic improvements in:
Achieving D&I is no easy task!
Product Quality
Creativity & Innovation
Improved customer Service
Increased Employee Satisfaction
Talent Retention

+ Executive Leadership

+ Inclusion
Success !
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