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The history of robots

The history of all diffrent robots around the world

Abbey Winstanley

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of The history of robots

The history of robots! What have robots always been made of? Robots have been made of metal for years What do robots do ? Robots have been able to do extrodinary things
for years from cleaning to playing musical instruments. Scientists say that in the future robots
will do anything we ask them to. What can robots do? Some robots are designed
to help humans. Robots cook,clean,fight and can
even play the trumpets. They
walk up the stairs as well. What they can do in the future I think that they will be able to have one wheel to move on and they will be programmed to do amazing things. Mabye more than humans can do. Robots in movies There are loads of robots in movies
C3-PO, R2-D2, the terminator, the robots
in robots, bender off futerama, number 5 and
wallie. Robots are also used in the army as help. Robots come in all
diffrent sizes and
they all look really
diffrent they are all
programmed diffrently. Robots have been a great help to us. robots do jobs that are dangerous to humans. robots are design in so
many diffrent ways.
Sometimes it can be funny. The worlds first humanoid
robot was buit in 1939. robots are designed to help us People like toyota design robots as well as cars. ROBOTS TODAY Robots today are probarly working in factory's. Like in toothpaste factory's they use robotic hands to screw the caps on.
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