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African American Women in the Media

Final Presentation for Philosophy of Feminism

Raissa Mutuyimana

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of African American Women in the Media

African American Women in Popular Culture FEMINIST MOVEMENT BACKGROUND CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT "Mammy" "Sapphire" "Jezebel" PORTRAYALS IN THE MEDIA Side-kick Portrayls The Ideal Woman Black vs. White Dichotomy Black/White "Strong Independent Black Woman Who Don't Need No Man" Black Wo(men)? "She ignored the existence of all non-white women and poor white women...She made her plight and the plight of white women like herself synonymous with a condition affecting all American Women" -bell hooks on The Feminine Mystique "...white women and black women are pitted against one another in such a way to show the flaws and faults of the other group. Since devaluation of black womanhood from slavery to the present day has led to the consistent representation as black women as powerful, aggressive, angry...the perfect foil for those white women who showed continued allegiance to patriarchy and are then represented as powerless, submissive, and ready to take orders..." -bell hooks, Writing Beyond Race The Future, Feminist Perspectives Redefining (Black) Women bell hooks: Ain't I A Woman?
white male patriarchy

Hélène Cixous: Laugh of the Medusa
write to redefine & revolutionize refuse to be raced Sally Haslanger: Gender and Race
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