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How To Survive A Motorcycle SpinOut

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zoe koutsoukos

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of How To Survive A Motorcycle SpinOut

How To Survive A Motorcycle SpinOut
Zoe Koutsoukos
Tuesday 4th, February, 2014
My name is Zoe Koutsoukos and I am here to talk about motorcycles, and how to survive a spin-out.
Mr. McDonald
A few years ago my cousin and I were racing. I was on a motorcycle and he was in his car. We had to make a sharp turn on a dirt road around my cottage. Suddenly a dog appeared around the corner where I was turning. I tried to avoid it, but unfortunately the tip of the front side of his car hit my tail end making me spin out of control. I immediately applied the breaks, but the bike fell causing me to fall with it. I slid on my back till I stopped. I wasn't hurt badly but I did get a few bruises, and some cuts on my legs.

Steps on how to survive a motorcycle spin-out
There are 6 easy steps to this skill...

Once you realize you are going out of control you remain on the bike. NEVER get off, you can injure yourself easier that way than any other. If the bike starts to slide you have to slide in the same direction as your bike, and make sure your on your back. Most importantly, stay on the bike.
As you feel the bike start to loose traction, squeeze the right hand brake making your front brake active. Then you press on the pedal making your back brake active as well, this will make the bike slow down as fast as possible without you flying off over the handle bars.

If you did not have enough time to apply your breaks, and the bike starts to slide, stay on your back as you slid. Make sure your helmet is slightly raised so you can see anything your approaching. Keep your entire body weight as evened out as possible spreading your arms and legs a good distance apart to avoid a "head-over-heels tumble."

Do not stand up while sliding and even once you have stopped sliding do not stand up either, you should stay still for a few minutes to regain your balance and air. If you attempt to stand up while sliding you will fall forward and possibly hurt yourself badly.

This step is very easy. Before you get up check to see if you are injured in any way. If you were wearing full leather and your helmet you should be uninjured for the most part.
Now if you are fine, you should probably check your bike. There is a possible chance after a spin-out your bike can explode, so be cautious when approaching your bike to make sure there isn't too much damage to your bike.

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