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Sustainability in China

No description

Matthew Poynter

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Sustainability in China

Sustainability in China
What is Sustainability?
Sustainability in China
Air Pollution
Pollution in China
Alternative energy

Sewage plants : it needs 150,000 more

Stricter pollution controls on factories
Sustainable Solutions
Discuss with your neighbor what you think this word means?
How can China harm the environment?
5 points: 3 minutes
swap with a partner and for 2 points explain why this issue has occured in China?
Quickfire thoughts...

1 Factor

for each harmful factor try and think of a sustainable way to solve it?
Learning Objectives
Be able to explain 3 ways that China is harming the environment.

Be able to suggest three ways that China can solve these issues sustainably
You must develop a SUSTAINABLE resort
that will have minimal impact on the environment

On a new page design a plan for your resort.

Include a name,

Details of what your resort offers .

And an explanation for why you have made certain choices.

Water Pollution
Using pg 44 of Geog 3:
Create a larger version of this table: half a page should do
Discuss with you neighbor how these problems could be solved sustainably
Sustainability is : looking after the needs of today without harming the ability to look after the needs of tommorow.
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