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No description

Tuomas Varesvuo

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of AppgyverPrezi


Main Competitors:


+ "Views"
+ Blueprint
+ Scanner IOS/Android
+ API docs
- Dashboard,
- and the user interface
of the Dashboard
+ Steroids
- No overall views of
the "Screens"
+/- Scanner without
an application
+ Dashboard,
+ and the user interface
of the Dashboard
+ One-off payment
(not 100% sure...)

+ Payment plans
+ API docs
+ Scanner IOS/Android
- Dashboard,
- and the user interface
of the Dashboard
+ Steroids
- Payment plans
- Demos
- No scanner
+ Dashboard,
+ and the userinterface
of the Dashboard
•Great software; easy, fast, simple
•Seven different versions; For Desktop, myBalsamiq, for Google Drive, for Confluence, for JIRA, for FogBugz, for XWiki
•Highly dedicated for customers
+ Several versions
- Payment plan
- No efficient share possibility
- Documentation
+ Dashboard,
+ and the userinterface of the Dashboard
- Favors Chrome
+ Payment plan
+ Scanner IOS/Android
+ API docs
- Dashboard,
-and the userinterface
of the Dashboard
+ Steroids
•Usability, 1700+ ready-made iOS, Android, Windows 8 and wireframe phone & tablet UI elements
•Beautiful and userfriendly dashboard
•Visual linking
•One-click cloning

Balsamiq Mockups is a rapid wireframing tool that lets you generate ideas quickly. It reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, which allows easy sharing, collaboration and feedback. With over 75 built-in interface components and 187 icons, plus a host of community generated components, there is no shortage of ready-to-use objects and elements.

Access a wealth of components for mobile wireframing with the Mockups To Go library, which showcases downloadable pre-made templates for Android, Blackberry and iOS. You can share and present your mockups or utilize "linking," which lets you generate click-through prototypes for demos and usability testing.

An HTML5, browser-based app for creating interactive prototypes and wireframes of Android, iOS and Windows 8 apps, FluidUI features a drag-and-drop interface boasting gestures, mobile-style animations and transitions and visual linking for testing and demos. With over 1,700 ready-made wireframe and phone UI elements, which are updated often, there is a vast number of resources to get started quickly.

You can preview mockups as you design using the Fluid Player for instant feedback, and share and publish your project, with export available as PNG images, a PDF or an HTML5 preview
•All-in-one platform for Web and Mobile
•Responsive Design Prototyping
•Gestures for mobile application prototypes
•Offline prototyping
•Client experience
+ Custome Javascript
+ Simple to start
+ Payment plan
+ API docs
- Academy
- Dashboard,
-and the userinterface of the
+ Steroids
+Custome Javascript
- Need to study the program
- Payment plan
+ Dashboard,
+and the userinterface of the

A platform for creating rich, interactive web and mobile wireframes, Justinmind includes iPhone, Android and iPad gestures such as swipe, tap-and-hold, pinch and rotate, which can be included in your mobile wireframe to create a fully interactive prototype. Of particular interest is the "simulate" feature: If you change your wireframe, Justinmind will simulate your application prototype instantly.

The ability to create customized widgets and group them into widget libraries is useful, with a wide range of widget libraries available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and others

Offering fast, efficient wireframing for websites and mobile apps, Mockflow offers an easy-to-use, sophisticated interface with a presentation mode to test wireframe interactions, along with graphs, grids and rulers to craft a well-planned interface. The vast library of wireframe components is impressive; you have a choice of four templates to use immediately (iPhone app, Android app, iPad app and Windows Phone) or you can choose to start from scratch with your own layout. Download other elements and templates from the MockStore.

Mockflow encourages collaboration with a chat feature, and co-editors of a project can make changes at the same time, but on different pages to avoid conflicts. Export projects in a variety of formats and view them on mobile devices and tablets to thoroughly test their functionality.

•Real-Time Design Collaboration with Team Chat
•Offline prototyping
•Elements: many different 'stickers'

- No scanner
- Slide-show styled only
- Payment plan
+/- Dashboard,
+/- and the userinterface of the
+ Vast mockstore for importing
templates, elements etc.
+ Elements: 'stickers'

+ Scanner IOS/Android
+ Blueprint
+ Payment plan
+ API docs
+/- Dashboard,
+/- and the userinterface of the
- Elements
+ Steroids
Extra: POP
•pretty cool mobile only prototyping
•instantly from photo to editing and compiling
Appgyver is amongst the most potential prototypers on the market, the absolute strenghts of Appgyver are the mobility of the prototypes: QR-Scanner for both IOS and Android platforms enables easy and efficient way of testing and sharing the prototypes. Next what distinguishes Appgyver from its competitor is the Appgyver Steroids which is one of its kind on the markets, with the Steroids you are able to go "under the surface" of prototyping. Appgyver's API docs are impressive and a very useful when compiling your prototypes. Also the price quality ratio from a well implemented payment planning is the best on the market.
While researching and testing different prototyping, I found it very important that the dashboard for prototyping has to be very userfriendly, easy to use, versatile and efficient. Dashboard was one weakness of Appgyver when comparing to the competitors and I think it is something what needs to be improved and focused on.

"When you want to go under the surface and add something more to your prototypes rather than just the templates and elements, with Appgyver Steroids you can create your own unique HTLM and Javascript code and implement it to your prototypes just like that!"
•Userfriendly Dashboard, easy and simple
•Good "Quick Tips"
•One-off payment
•Many different prototyping platforms; Android - iPad - etc
Proto.io is a dedicated mobile prototyping platform to build and deploy fully interactive mobile app prototypes and simulations that resemble the finished product. It runs in most web browsers and features three main interfaces: dashboard, editor and the player. The dashboard is the interface where you manage projects. The editor is the building environment that comes with a set of tools to design and develop the prototypes and build interactions. The player is used for viewing and interacting with the prototype and offers tools for annotating and leaving feedback.

You can test your prototype directly on real mobile devices, and run it in full screen mode using (free) browser apps for both iOS or Android devices.
"Sharing your prototypes with clients and team members can sometimes be a big hassle, with the Appgyver Scanner it is easy to share your Appgyver prototypes on both IOS and Android supported platforms"
"Updating your existing prototype? With Appgyver prototyper and Appgyver Scanner you can update your prototype in a matter of seconds!"
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