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Life of African Americans during the great depression

No description

Dan Likhterman

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Life of African Americans during the great depression

Life in Urban Areas
In urban areas the great depression hit harder than rural areas
Thousands of people were out of work
The only jobs were hard working ones with little pay and long hours, for example, working in steel mills
Blacks typically had harder jobs than whites, that is if they were hired
Oppression of Blacks
In conclusion African American had a harder time during the Great Depression. This is because in addition to poverty, they were subjected to a lot of racism and oppression. Life was much tougher in urban areas because the stock market crash affected everyone more.
Life of African Americans during the Great Depression
Dan L. and James C.
The Great Depression

Started with the stock market crash in 1929
International trade plunged by more than 50%
The U.S. had an unemployment rate of 25%
Those who held their jobs made very little money
African Americans in the U.S. were affected the most
African Americans lived and worked on farms owned by whites
They were payed little to nothing and but was their only way to survive
The Depression was hard to distinguish for those African Americans because poverty was already a way of life for them
African American in Rural Areas
Most whites did not support the fact that blacks held jobs, even most whites that did have jobs were against working with blacks
Some whites violently oppressed blacks such as the Ku Klux Klan, they did things like scaring African Americans from working
Many whites protested against companies that had African American employees
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