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St Patrick's Day Parade

Presentation for committee on Thursday 13th December 2012

Jennifer Massey

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of St Patrick's Day Parade

2013 St Patrick's Day Parade Introducing The Team Emma Chaplin
Claire Hatfield
James Leese
Jennifer Massey
Kate Sowery
Luke Zhang St Patrick's Day - Our Understanding St Patrick's Day Pre-event Roles Event Roles Our Aims and Objectives Fundraising Finance/Budget Marketing and Poster Design Strategy - Our Strategic Model Risk/Health and Safety Assessments Organisation, Management and Structure Methods of Evaluation Any Questions? The marketing schedule is built up of various marketing tactics used to promote awareness of the St Patrick’s Day Parade; taking place on Sunday 10th March, 2013.
Tactics adopted by the team working to promote the parade are:
Advertising/Print Media/Broadcast/Radio/Fundraising/Internet Marketing/Social Networking /Sale of Merchandise/ Promotions throughout the University and Feedback • Finance – Luke
• Marketing and promotions - Emma
• Design for parade display- All
• Pre event logistics – Claire
• Fundraising - Jenny
• Communicator – Kate
• PR – James To create affiliated fundraising events in order to raise funds

To successfully promote the event to gain maximum awareness and attendance

To ensure there is sufficient staffing during the event, including volunteers in the display

To create a display reflecting Irish culture/heritage Various fundraising activities have been discussed in order to minimize costs: Name the Panda Pancake Sale Irish Tea Party and Cake Sale It is paramount that safety of spectators, performers, volunteers and other members of the public is thoroughly assessed All activities with potential detrimental affects to safety within the event will be analyzed in detail in order to ensure every potential hazard has been considered Previous incidents from similar events will be researched in order to create a route cause analysis and avoid such occurences at St Patrick's Day parade 2013 Questionnaires will be distributed on the day of the Parade to spectators.

Comments can be left on Facebook and Twitter. This will be encouraged by regular updates and tweets on the pages

Volunteers will be given an opportunity to comment on the event

Businesses in Huddersfield will be able to feedback on whether the footfall at the event was beneficial to them

Evaluate Objectives ensuring they have all been achieved. If not, why not? PR Lead Steward - Kate

Stewarding - Claire & James

Supervising Parade Display - Luke

Logistics - Emma

Merchandise Sales - Jenny Marketing Schedule Facebook
Approaching Radio Hud and Radio Leeds
Article in the Su magazine
Poster’s around university and throughout the town centre of Huddersfield
Fundraising activities
Projection onto the Creative Arts building Celebrated on 17th March every year The Feast of Saint Patrick The most commonly recognized patron St of Ireland A celebration of Irish Culture Celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland Parade Display This is the model that will be used for the St Patricks Day Parade, 2013.
Chosen Modal: Events Snake and Ladders (EMBOK framework)
Reasons this was chosen:
Model is set out in a table format with clear titles of what's required
The model allows the process of the planning stages of the event to be simple and easy to understand
Each section has to be completed to move onto the next stage
The group is currently at the stage of developing the model further and continuing to raise funds for the parade
This model will be reviewed on the evaluation stage of the event to take into account any issues that happened during the event So far Panda Event has made a profit Each event aims to raise at least 100 pounds We intend to be as cost effective as possible
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