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No description

jennifer becker

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Clippers

Los Angeles CLIPPERS By: Nancy Alonzo, Jennifer Becker, Zach Leitner, Amanda Tostada, & John Tucker BACKGROUND
-27th year as a basketball organization
-Record of ? wins & ? losses between 1970-2011
-A rising star, Blake Griffin
-New areas of opportunity METHODS
-Procedure & Materials
-College students from nearby colleges
*Ages 18-25
-Family members & friends
*Ages 16-60
-Places of employment
*Buena Park
*Seal Beach

-Word of mouth
-Social Media
*Slam Dunk Contest DESIGN
-Discounted prices
-Personal contacts
*Text Messaging
-Clippers vs. Lakers
*Blake Griffin MEASURES
-Up-to-date record keeping
*Money received/owed
*Tickets given/needed
-Large vs. Small groups
-101 tickets sold, $2,700 RESULTS

Student Name e-mail Cell #of tickets Location: Date/Sec./Row/Seats
Nancy Alonzo nalonzo06@yahoo.com 714.657.871812 (paid)8 03.23.2011/116/14/17-24
(paid)2 03.23.2011/116/15/18-19
(paid)5 03.23.2011/115/16/7-11
(paid)4 03.23.2011/115/16/12-15

Amanda Tostado singindiva726@csu.fullerton.edu 909.717.5283 (paid)2 03.23.2011/116/16/17-18
(paid)2 03.23.2011/116/15/16-17
(paid)3 03.23.2011/116/15/20-22
(paid)2 03.23.2011/116/16/19-20
(paid)2 03.23.2011/116/16/21-22
1 free ticket (paid)4 03.23.2011/116/16/23-26
(paid)6 03.23.2011/115/17/5-10
(paid)4 03.23.2011/115/16/3-6
(paid)2 03.23.2011/115/15/8-9
(paid)5 03.23.2011/115/15/10-14
(paid) 5 03.23.2011/321/12/21-25
(paid)7 03.23.2011/322/8/1-7
John Tucker jktucker4@gmail.com 562.665.6506 (paid)6 03.23.2011/321/12/13-18
(paid)2 03.23.2011/321/12/19-20
(paid)10 03.23.2011/115/13/9-12
(paid)3 03.23.2011/115/14/11-13
Jennifer Becker beckbabe724@csu.fullerton.edu 714.872.0305 (paid)2 03.23.2011/115/10/3-4
(paid)3 03.23.2011/115/13/6-8
Zach Leitner leitner103@yahoo.com 651.955.2993 (paid)12 03.23.2011/322/7/1-12 RESULTS CONT...
-Social Networking
-Team member Amanda
-Largest segment
*Cities in Southern California
*College students RECOMMENDATIONS (CONT.)
-College Night
*Reduced admission price with College I.D.
*Towel night
*Bobblehead night
*Interactive feedback
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