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Fallen Angels

No description

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Fallen Angels

Reasons for being Challenged
* There is an excessive use of profanity
* Racesim is a prevalent matter .
* Also graphic violence

Danbury Middle School ( OH )
Been banned since 1993

This novel is about a black boy named Richie Perry coming from Harlem and going into the Vietnam war to fight along the United States army . He befriends two men , Harold and Jenkins that are in the same squad . Richie searches for the meaning of the war . After a lieutenant passes and Richies injured , Riches healed and returns to a racist sergeant named Dongan . who puts black solders in the most dangerous positions . After the death of Dongan , command is taken by one of its own soldiers , Corporal Brumner . Many die in a deadly mission , after a firefight broke out , Peewee & Richie fly home . And stand tall for new recruits , who are just arriving to Vietnam .
About the Author
Walter Dean Myers
Born August 12, 1937
Martinsburg , WV

Walter Dean Myers
is an African-American writer of children's books best known for young adult literature. He has written over fifty books including picture books and nonfiction.
My opinion
I Think the book should be banned for many reasons such as .
* Racism
* Profanity
It shouldn't be place in schools because of those reasons and more .
Works Cited
Fallen Angels
Mini Censorship Reseach Project 2/3/14

Fallen Angels
*Monster -1999
* Bad boy -2001
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