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Masks Representing the Seven Clans of the Cherokee

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cicely mason

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Masks Representing the Seven Clans of the Cherokee

Presentation created by Cicely Mason
Masks of the 7 Clans of the Cherokee
There are seven clans of the Cherokee.
A clan is an extended family. In the Cherokee Tribe, clans consisted of mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles.
Women were considered the head of the house, so it was natural to belong to the mother's clan.
The clans are each named for certain characteristics about the people in each clan. Those characteristics make up the identity of each of the seven clans.
Together those clans are known to the Cherokee as the "Ugaya," or the "Seven Clan Society"
They are:
*The Paint Clan
*The Wild Potato Clan
*The Blue Clan
*The Long Hair Clan
*The Deer Clan
*The Small Bird Clan
*The Wolf Clan
a.k.a.-"The Wolf Clan"
The Wolf Clan is also known as the biggest of the clans.
* Because this clan was the
"watcher of the wolves"-
many warriers came
from this clan.
This clan was known for being
"protectors" of the wolves,
and the tribe
Clan wood- hickory
Clan Color- red
Clan flag- red with white stars
If you were born into the Cherokee nation, you would automatically belong to whichever clan your mother belonged to.
Example of a
"Wolf Clan"
a.k.a- "The Blue Paint Clan"
Clan color- Blue
Clan flag- blue with white stars
Clan wood- Ash
This clan is known for growing herbs that are used in making medicines and in cooking
Clan Characteristics are -
care giver
Example of a "Blue Clan" Mask
Example of
a blue paint
clan mask
Example of Bird
Clan Mask
Example of a
Potato Clan
Example of a
Long Hair
Clan Mask
Example of a
Clan Mask
Example of a Deer Clan Mask
Masks by O.LaCombe student at Cherokee Central School, Cherokee, NC
These masks are from the
Joel Queen art gallery in Cherokee, NC
Click below to here a student from Cherokee School
say the names of these 7 clans in Cherokee
Image taken at the following website
Example of the
Bird Clan Mask
a.k.a- The Bird Clan

*The bird clan was known as the "messengers"

*Members took care of birds

*Members of this clan were allowed to wear
a.k.a- The Potato Clan
* Members of this clan were "caretakers of the land

*Farmed the land

* Potatoes were one of their main crops
a.k.a The Long Hair Clan
*Known as "peacemakers"
*Peace Chiefs normally belonged to the Long Hair
*known as "strangers" clan because they often times adopted those who were not Cherokee into their clan
a.k.a The Paint Clan
* Commonly known as the "red" paint clan
*Known as "medicine
*They sometimes painted the medicine on patients during ceremonies
a.k.a The Deer Clan
* Known as fast runners

*were the hunters of the Cherokee tribe

* were messengers from people to people
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