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Personal Finance Project


Nilzaida Vasquez

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of Personal Finance Project

Personal Finance Project
By: Nilzaida Vasquez
Period 3
Job & Income
Pre-med: University of Florida
Medical school: University of California in Los Angeles
Degree(s) needed:
Bachelors Pre-med courses
Passing score on mcat
Total Cost of Attending schools
With 75% scholarship coverage: $107,561
Cardiothoracic surgeon: Cardiothoracic surgeons are specialists, both men and women, who have special expertise in the surgical management of disorders of the heart, lungs, esophagus, and major blood vessels of the chest cavity.
I need from 10-14 years of schooling
Annual Salary: $400,785
Net pay:
Bank: Chase
service fees (total Checking acc.):
Monthly fee:$12
using Chase atm:$0
using another atm: $2 transfer; $5 Withdrawl
overdraft fee:$34
extended Overdraft fee: $15
overextended overextended fee: $10
Limits on accounts:
$25 min. to open
$25 min. to open
Car: 2003 Toyota Corolla le

Cost: $2,491 (i will be purchasing it)

monthly insurance cost: $125

gas cost:
Weekly: $14.34
Monthly: $57.36

city: 25
highway: 34

milage on the car: 195,225 miles

5 Year Plan
10 Year Plan
Web Browsing
cost: $0
The cost of shopping depends on what i buy. It might range from $50 to $100; depends on how broke i am.
Cost of movie can dpend on the theater or type of viewing. Cost can range from $10-$15 (1 person)
Meal Plan
Cereal and milk
fruit salad
(Sample For one day)
chicken and vegetables
garlic bread
Rice and beans
fried platAINS
nuts fruit
icecream (OR)
I'm going to assume that supplement can mean me just using Netflix or Hulu instead of cable.
netflix: $8.99 (normal) $11.99 (premium)

Cell Phone Provider and Cost
Provider: T-Mobile

unlimited talk, text & data
3gb of 4g lte
data stash (unused data rolls over the next month

Monthly Cost: $60
Murphree Area: Buckham Hall
Roomate: My dog Zeus
Deposit: $275
Monthly Rent: about $745
Pet rent: they apply
no one time charges

Area Desk Services
High-speed computer access
Laundry facilities ($1.50 to wash & $1.25 to dry)
Cable TV
Mail service
Evening security patrols 10:00 PM - 4:00 AM
Water Usage and Cost
Monthly usage: 2145 gallons

monthly cost: $8.57
Electric Usage
UsgagE: 500 khw

Cost: $40.09
I will most likely be living on campus during my freshman year and then eventually move out. I will most definately play as part of their volleyball team and also join clubs and sororities. In addition, UF has various places to lounge and relax. There are Starbuck's locations on campus and plenty of quite places like the library for study sessions. not to forget the gym and pool, in case those Subway sandwiches get you.
Housing is $5,420, including a meal plan.
Fully furnished bedrooms with an extra-long bed, dresser*, desk, chair, and closet/wardrobe per resident*
Within the next 5 years, I will be done with my undergrad education and be in Medical School. Specifically at UCLA, and will live nearby in Los Angeles. Throughout the years, I will have constant communication witamily and frequently visit them (Thanksgicing; X-Mas; Spring Break; etc)
2016-2018 ( Freshman and Sophmore year)
I will be in UF for 4 years doing my pre-med bachelors
Once I get a stable job, I will open up a savings account and begin to stash away money.
$50 per pay check go into savings
Hopefully, I will have been accepted into their volleyball team.
2018-2020 (Junior and Senior year)
I will continue to attend UF
Hopefully get a better job; if not maintain the one i already have.
Continue extra-curriculat activities.
Graduate with honors
move from FL to Cali, where i will attend Med school @ UCLA
Get a job in the medical field and reve a great starting salary
continue to add to my savings account
go from $50 to $100 from every paycheck; eventually
maybe find Mr. Right and get married; NO KIDS!!
get an apartment in Los Angeles with roomie
Continuing the 5 year plan, how about we just add 5 more to make it ten. By the end of those 10 years, I will be done with Medical School and will bemost likely completing my residency in a hospital. All communication with family and friends will continue without faltering.
2016-2018: Freshman and Sophmore year at UF
2018-2020: Junior and Senior year at UF
2020-2021: Freshman year at UCLA as a grad student
continue attending UCLA med school
continue a job pertaining to the medical field, or aybe an internship
I'll be living off-campus in Los Angeles
continue to save money, especially for that 401K, and also for my savings
Hopefuly, have my own apartment; maybe share?
I am willng to get married by this time
If I do get married, I will focus on investing time on fiding a house to settle in; maye inFl or perhaps in California? Who knows?
Moving to Cali, would mean getting a new car, most likely
after graduating, I plan to take a European Vacation with that money I saved
After that, I will come back to begin my year as an intern
If i settled into a house, i hope by this year, I'll be able to pay it off
start my year as a resident and being to focus on my speciality.
kids can slowly start making their way into my life, if they want
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