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Food Security

No description

Jamie Fawcett

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Food Security

Impact of Climate Change on Food Security
Agriculture/ Land
Crispin Clark
Changing Diets
Food Security
"A sustainable diet that meets dietary requirements for health with lower GHGEs can be achieved without eliminating meat or dairy products or increasing the cost to the consumer."
B: Demand for crop calories
C: Demand for crop protein
Access + Availability
5-10% of Domestic Energy consumption
40% imports
25% Fresh
1% by air
1500 miles
Net Imports
Renewable alternatives?
“the world must produce 50 percent more food – ‘safe food’, on less land, with less freshwater, using less energy, fertilizers, and pesticides – by 2030 whilst at the same time bringing down sharply the level of GHG emissions emitted globally” (HOC 2010)
3.5 bn
1.4 bn
(UN 2011)
Population Growth as a threat to Food Security
With 1 in 7 living in hunger
How can we ensure food security for 9 billion?
A predicted population of 9 billion within 36 years places huge challenges on food production.
If population growth continues unchecked and food production does not rise, there will be a vast unmet food need internationally.
Without checks on population growth, particularly in the developing world, and increased food production, we will be unable to meet global nutritional needs.
Production waste
Retail and Consumption Waste
Changes for sustainability
The majority of food is wasted at the farmer producer end.
The remainder of the food is wasted by retailers and consumers.
Do we even know what we're throwing out?
Attempts are being made to reduce the avoidable food that is wasted.
Extreme Weather Events
Food Production
Food Access
Long-term climate risks
Food Utilisation and Nutrition
Climate Change
What do means by Sustainable agriculture?
Extreme weather events
Long-term climate risks
Food production
Food access
Food Utilisation and Nutrition
What are the threats to food security?
Growing wind breaks to hold the soil
Incorporating organic matter back into fields
Stop using chemical fertilizers (which contain salt)
Protecting soil from water run off(soil erosion)

And More....

Source: http://dels.nas.edu/resources/static-assets/materials-based-on-reports/booklets/warming_world_final.pdf
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