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Hussam Mehboob

on 17 April 2015

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Diehl Group
Production and Sales
Interior view
Microthermal measuring principle
Gas molecules act as heat carriers between temperature sensor TS1 and TS2
Measuring the heat transport of a gas stream(Q). This Q is corresponding to the mass flow and indicates at the display of the gas meter as standard volume
Q=f(Temperature difference,parameter for automatic correction of type of gas,T)
Metersit Domusnext Product line
Sales:2.9 billion Euro
Family owned company since 1902
Diehl Metering
Sales:270 million Euro
7 Million Measuring Units
4.6 Million Radio Modules

Quality and Calibration
Diehl Group companies are certified according to ISO 9001 and according to ISO 14001

Flow measurement-microthermal measurement principle
Pressure independent and temperature correction-standard volume
Integrated communication
No moving parts-noiseless and wear free
with the static measuring method even small flow rates can be recorded accurately
overload resistant-durable and stable also with ongoing high flow rates
Robust construction
pollutant resistant design of the flow leading elements
coordinated materials

Innovative design and compact dimensions
Half as big and lighter than conventional residential gas meters
Smart communication
equipped as standard(OMS-radio and wired M-Bus
communication interfaces to international and national standards and specifications permit a monthly billing and compatibility with other manufacturers
M-bus wired,according to EN 13757
radio integrated module,868 MHz wireless M-Bus according to EN 13757,RealData or OMS protocol
Concentric model
Two pipe model
Measuring unit

Flow sensor
Measuring result is in Standard volume
- Types of meters manufactured
Currently manufacturing G4, G6, G10, G16, G25.
Regarding G1.6 and G2.5 the company is reviewing the feasibility, Depending upon quantities needed they can speed up the project.

- End User List
Italian distribution companies: Italgas, F2i Rete Gas, A2A, Hera Group, Ascopiave, SGR Rimini, Iren Group, Linea Distribuzione, Gelsia Reti, Acegas_APS
Selling samples to some foreign countries, e.g.: Greece. Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ukraine Turkey, Uzbekistan

- Year of manufacturing

Started manufacturing in late 2011, having delivered and installed in Italy 100,000 meters in Italy at the end of 2014.
Background of the company
Measurement Principle
Measurement is intrinsically compensated in temperature and independent from pressure.
Measurement is displayed directly in standard cubic-metres.
The measurement technology is based on a MEMS “Micro Thermal Flow Sensing” principle.
Two temperature sensors are symmetrically placed around a microheating element: under stopped-flow conditions, both sensors measure the same temperature.
As the flow rate increases, heat is carried away from the upstream sensor towards the downstream sensor and the measured temperature difference between the two sensors is proportional to the mass flow rate.
Accurate measurement
Domusnext® meters provide an exact
measurement of supplied gas in standard m3, avoiding the use of annual average temperatures and conversion factors, which inevitably lead to approximate values and errors of estimation.These errors then affect the amount billed.
Transparent billing to the end customer
Memory storage of daily or hourly consumption,with frequent communication of data, means customer invoicing can be transparent and timely, referring to the exact billing period, with low operating costs.
Innovation and reliability
Despite being highly innovative, Domusnext® meters have passed the most stringent reliability tests, conducted by notified body and designated laboratories recognised at European level. This certifies the robustness of MeteRSit meters and
the accuracy of their measurements, even at high concentrations of dust and contaminants in the gas distribution networks

Technical Specifications
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