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The Wedding Banquet (1993)

No description

pat kim

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of The Wedding Banquet (1993)

The Wedding Banquet (1993)
Filming aesthetics & Film's penetrating messages
Ang Lee
Trade Mark:

Issues in Society/Morality
Complexity in Human Relationship
Conflicting feelings about their sexuality/gender roles
Repressed women trying to deal with the confines of their society - Wei-wei
Integration of Ang Lee -
Background of Wai Tung
Western -
Chinese - Conservative > > >
Traditional Chinese Perspective
Universal value:
Abortion issues
Raise Questions for audiences to think about Homosexual Right & Humanity
no longer big family nowadays
low birth rate, nuclear family:
a pair of adults and their children
eg. one child: Wai-Tung
gender, a couple?
Chinese tradition

Narrative techniques
Reversing the conventional idea
1) Symbolism
:Wedding banquet, father figure, family dinner, "Qi Pao", red pocket
2) Editing
- Visually establish a mode of spectatorship

3) Narrative devices
1) racio-cultural otherness 2) generational conflict 3) family instability
Big twist in ending

(partial resolution)
Establish atmosphere by narrating small details in daily lives

Alice Lau Ka Yiu (2012603206)
Nicole Choi Ka Hsuan(303506133)
Jae Ah Kim (2012565428)

family structure
Giving birth
family line
tradition-minded parents & Wai-Tung
Integration of the Western and Chinese culture
games and the wedding cakes
food and drinks
Chinese tradition
The Wedding Banquet (1993)
1st Gay Movie of Ang Lee
"Father-knows-best" Trilogy :
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman
Pushing hands
Wedding Banquet
Co-production between Taiwan & US
Cultural & Generational Conflicts
Controversial Topic > International
Cultural difference
dinning etiquette
eg. chopsticks
perceptions from foreigners
eg. genius of maths,placid
formal wedding
red pocket
Family dinner: Conflicts and resolutions
Discussion questions
e.g. Simon openly expresses his sexual orientation (despite homosexuality was also not conformed to mainstream culture in the US)

e.g. Wei Wei can't cook; She doesn't want to give up her career and life in the name of family,motherhood and the values of the patriarchal society

- Unprecedented portrayal of American Asian male identity
e.g. Wei Tung's working out

- The breakdown of the traditional (Stoic) father-figure
e.g. High blood pressure, Father's sleeping scenes
- Losing or almost lost patriarchal authority
e.g. "I watch, I hear, I learn. Wei Tung is my son, so you're my son also."

Old Chen Strengthens the patriarchal authority

Cultural and racial otherness
1. Generational otherness
3. Sexual, racial, cultural otherness
Old Chen standing between Wei Tung and Simon
-> deliberate division in frame
-> dominant conventional idea of sexuality
2. Gender, sexual otherness
Sexual otherness to Wei Tung
- Wei Tung did not introduce Wei Wei to Old Chen
Geder otherness (Patriarchy dominant)
- Acting a role of traditional Chinese good (quite) wife
e.g. don't speak a word
- One frame with only men & One frame with only women
-Speaking in Mandarin
-Joke that may hurt Simon's feeling
Center: Father
One side for men (front) and another side for women (back)
Do you think the film had the best ending? Why or why not?
Chasing Chinese Gay Cinema

by Lan DONG
Berlin International Film Festival
- the only Asian representative on the panel:
"didn't everyone know there was no homosexuality in Chinese culture? "
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