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Meghan Daum

No description

Harrison Ferachi

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Meghan Daum

Meghan Daum
Born in 1970 in California; raised on the East coast.
Has written and published four books
Began writing for
the Los Angeles Times
in 2005.
Has written for the
New York Times Magazine
the New Yorker
the Atlantic
, and
Recipient of 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship
Associate Professor for MFA Writing Program at Columbia.
Area of Specialty
Topics Covered
The public's obsession with Making a Murderer
The unexpected relationship between Antonin Scalia and RBG
The newly revamped Barbie dolls
Political Leaning

The LA Times -
Covered during February '16
Popular Culture

In one post, Daum refers to the popular Netflix series, Making a Murderer, to highlight our intentional and unintentional tendency to consider only one stance of an issue.
2. Political Issues

During my time of examining Daum's language, I noticed a common pattern: she really cares about people's oblivion to consider all sides of an issue. She explores this theme again, but in a significant and recent event in American politics: Scalia's death. Daum refers to the friendship he shared with Ruth Bader Ginsburg to represent their ability to be friends, despite their radical ideological differences.
Because of her liberal and feminist voice, Daum's political leaning is most likely left. In her post regarding the new Barbies, she shamed a writer's comment on "fat-feminism," which implies that she favors this movement.
Daum is credible for many reasons. First, despite her liberal voice and stances, she periodically pokes fun at both of the parties. Second, she uses a variety evidence to support her argument while not boring the reader. Finally, her prose is a facsimile of professional and balanced humor, wit, and seriousness.
Image sources for pundit:

Sources of information:
Links to Posts
1. Team Avery or Team Prosecutor: https://hsworldoflang.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/team-avery-or-team-prosecutor/
2. Every friendship needs to be a "Scalia and Ginsburg" friendship: https://hsworldoflang.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/every-friendship-needs-to-be-a-scalia-and-ginsburg-friendship/
3. The evilness of the barbie, despite its size: https://hsworldoflang.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/the-evilness-of-the-barbie-despite-its-sizes/
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