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Booker Auditore

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of MIT

About Stanford University
Founded by the Stanford family
Established in 1891.
Stanford University, is a private research university in Stanford, California, and one of the world's most famed institutions.
About MIT
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founded by William Barton Rogers in 1861 and opened in 1865 due to the American Civil War.
Has only 8.2% acceptance rate
Required GPA score is 4.0 or above.
For SAT, 750-800+ for math, science, 690 to 790+ for writing and critical thinking.
34-36+ for ACT.
Not every situation depend on test scores. (But mostly on test scores)
tanford University





Institute of Technology
Their aim is to:
Advance Technology
Educate students in a way that's helpful for 21st century
Mind and Hand
The wind of freedom blows
MIT and Stanford University
But wait there's more
Lowest acceptance rate in USA: 5.7%
Requirements: Quite the same with MIT
2014-2015 fees: $44.757
Presentation by: Hoàng Việt, Quốc Hưng and Anh Quân.
Majors and courses
In MIT there are courses you can take just like most of the other universities but MIT has the best science, engineering and technology courses in America.
Featured courses:
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Health Science and Technology
Biological Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
And many more
Setting: Urban Type: Private
Location: 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, United States
MIT students showcase
Location: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA
Transparent Display
SproutsIO, grow fruits and plants without requiring soil.
Offer education for leadership to change the world.
Offer high degree for all these programs:
-Humanities and Sciences
-Earth Sciences
Students are allowed to explore their intellectual and personal passions.
Most students who got accepted has "A" average. Required SAT score has to be over 2100, ACT above 30. Many students got their GPA over 4.0 and extremely high test scores still got rejected by Stanford.
Stanford university event: Art and Music
The Cantor Arts Center features a wide-range of collections, that engage over 150,000 annual visitors.
Stanford Lively Arts sponsors almost 50 performances each year.
Over 100 different student art organizations flourish at Stanford.
The Department of Music promotes the practice, understanding and enjoyment of music.
Offering a broad array of educational opportunities.

The Sponge
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