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Raiser's Edge business process integration

No description

Nigel Cloutt

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Raiser's Edge business process integration

Integrating Fundraising and Business processes using The Raiser's Edge

-Fundraising & Marketing
- Contact Details
- Donations
- Contact Details
- Volunteer Roles
- CRB/Training information
Finance & Business
- Reporting
- Stake Holders
- Suppliers
- Expenditure
- Budgets
- Contact Lists
- Moved from 2 users of Raisers Edge to average of 14
- Communication with all supporters and external contacts now open and efficient.
- Legacy and trust data now captured and stored securely, allows for quick acccess.
- Citrix and "Full Fat" SQL allow for secure, fast remote access.
- Income and reporting accurate and quick, eaiser for non-accounts to understand.
St Wilfrid's Hospice (Eastbourne)
Nigel Cloutt - Database Manager

Data Cleaning & Staff Training
Working in Collabration
SQL and systems "The nerdy Stuff"
- Current Patients
- Family Members
- Deceased
- Contact Details
- Donations
- Contact Details

Custom SQL queries using RODBA access to do more in depth fuzzy search for duplicates.

Used to create custom application to "rearrange" exports from clinical database and duplicate check. Then turns them into an easy import file.
For example - query for blank fields and prompt user to fill
Query for information blocked to certain users (eg volunteer info) and business rule to alert users of their presence.
- Last mail out of 15,000 had return rate of 0.6%
- Fundraisers now know any relationships supporters have with the hospice (patient/relative/volunteer/supplier)
- Volunteers for events are quickly accessible
- Event participants/net gain now recorded centrally.
- More accurate and speedier analysis is now possible
- Fully managed using Raisers Edge
- Quicker processing, quicker reporting and better communication.
- Other departments are now able to manage the volunteers help they use more effectively and more interdependently.
Org Wide
Rasiers Edge
Mailing Lists
External Websites
Raiser's Edge Queries and Business Rules
- "5 minutes extra on data entry can save hours in the future"
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