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BNI Member Success Program for use by BNI Maine

No description

Vickie Wacek

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of BNI Member Success Program for use by BNI Maine

Changing the Way the World Does Business®
"Success is a Journey, not a Sprint" - Anonymous
"If I give business to the members of my chapter
in return they will want to give business to me."
-The Givers Gain® Philosophy
Section 1: Your Participation
Profitability Goals
Performance Goals
Referral Tracking Sheet
Referral Confidence Curve
Referral Confidence Curve - Building Trust
Section 2: Your Chapter
Core Values
Mission Statement
Code of Ethics
Non-Discrimination Disclosure Statement
General Policies
Administrative Policies
BNI Chapter Meeting Agenda
Official Organizational Terms
Section 3: You, the Word-of-Mouth Professional
How to Pass QUALIFIED Referrals
Referral or Cold Call
Inviting Mindset
How to Successfully Invite Visitors
Personal Prospect List
Top 10 Things Successful Members Do
Section 4: Your Success
Contact Sphere Worksheet
Contact Sphere Examples
One-to-One Dance Card Planner
Member Biography Sheet
GAINS Worksheet
Contact Sphere Planning Worksheet
Last (Best) 10 Customers Worksheet
Customer Worksheet
Gold Club Badge Qualification Form
Contract for Profitability
Givers Gain Book
Member Success Program Verification Form
Section 5: BNI Outreach
BNI Foundation
Referral Institute
Strategic Alliance Program
Table of Contents
Member Launching Pad
Lowest Common Denominators
Sales Manager Minute
The Money Funnel
Practice Your Sales Manager Minute
Sales Manager Minute - Seven Week Presentation
Setting Profitability Goals
for your BNI Membership
Today we are going to talk about:
You need to have a
good reason
to do all that!

Setting Goals in your BNI Membership
Knowing where you are going and being convinced that this is that path that will get you there IS that good reason. As Yogi Bera said, "If you don't know where you're going, chances are you will end up somewhere else." As you look ahead 12 months from now, what achievements will you have accomplished? What goals do you need to set now in order to get there? How do you envision what success in BNI will look like at that point? The dreams you have about your business and the goals you set to get you there provide the PULL that enables you to get up every day and do the things that will get you there. To get there, you will need two types of goals: Profitability Goals and Performance Goals.
My Profitability Goals - Defining Your Desired Gain
1. My target for Referred Business in this coming year is: $________________
2. My average profit from a completed sale is: $________________
3. My average closing ratio on a good qualified referral is: ________________%
4. Referrals I will need in a year to receive to reach my goal: ________________
(1 ÷ 2) ÷ 3



(3.85 ref/week)
The Givers Gain Ratio
The referrals received and the referrals that are converted to customers or clients will be higher for some professionals than others based on the dollar amount and the perceived risk involved in purchasing from you.
Tangible versus Intangible Business Types
Tangible Businesses (i.e. spas, house painters, graphic designers, etc) generally receive more referrals and closed business because there is less risk perceived with their business type.

Intangible Businesses (i.e. attorneys, financial planners, real estate agents, etc) generally receive a lower amount of referrals and closed business due to the perceived risk with their business type.
Tracking your referrals using
BNI Connect
is the best way
to get more referrals
Tracking takes place in the
"My BNI Business"
section of BNI Connect
Referral Confidence Curve
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3+
Tier 1 Referrals are member-to-member referrals
Tier 2 Referrals are member's client-to-member referrals
Tier 3 Referrals are member's client's clients-to-member referrals
Number of Referrals
Core Values
The philosophy of BNI is built upon the idea of Givers Gain®: by giving business to others, you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old adage of "What goes around comes around".
Mission Statement
The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality professionals.
Code of Ethics
Upon acceptance to BNI, I agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics during the service of my participation in the organization:
1. I will provide the quality of services at the price I have quoted.
2. I will be truthful with the members and their referrals.
3. I will build goodwill and trust among members and their referrals.
4. I will take responsibility for following up on the referrals I receive.
5. I will display a positive and supportive attitude.
6. I will live up to the ethical standards of my profession.
*Professional Codes of Ethics supersede the above Code of Ethics
Nondiscrimination Disclosure Statement
BNI requires that chapters review and select persons for membership in all job classifications based on qualifications, without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age, or disability. BNI will support no chapter's action when it is in violation of this nondiscrimination statement.

1. Only one person from each professional classification is permitted to join a chapter of BNI. Membership Committees of each chapter have final authority relating to classification conflicts.
2. Members must represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.
3. The weekly meetings last for 90 minutes. Members need to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting.
4. An individual member cannot be in a second BNI chapter nor in any other group that allows only one person per profession and whose primary purpose is to pass referrals to one another, because it substantially reduces their commitment to the chapter members. Membership Committees must enforce this policy.
5. Attendance is critical to the group. If a member cannot attend, you may send a substitute (not a member of your chapter) to the meeting. This will not count as an absence. A member is allowed three absences every six months (April through September and October through March). More than this and the member's classification is subject to being opened by the chapter's Membership Committee.
6. Members are required to bring bona-fide referrals and/or visitors to their chapter of BNI. Chapters may establish a minimum number of referrals and/or visitors that is acceptable to maintain membership.
7. Visitors may attend chapter meetings up to two times.
8. Speakers must bring a door prize. Only members bringing a visitor or a referral are eligible for the door prize.
9. There are no leaves of absence except for medical leaves. A member may take up to eight weeks medical leave with the Membership Committee's prior approval if their fees are pre-paid for that period of time and they attempt to have someone “fill-in” during their leave.
10. It is the member's responsibility to file a concern with the Membership Committee of their chapter if a visitor "who submits an application in any way conflicts with their classification." This should be done before the visitor is approved for membership. If there are no complaints, the Membership Committee will "assume consent."
11. Members who wish to change their classification must submit a new membership application and get approval from the Membership Committee for that classification change.
12. In case of problems with a member, Membership Committees may, at their sole discretion, put a member on probation relating to the member's business practices or commitment to the chapter.
13. A member's classification may be opened for failure to comply with the policies and/or the Code of Ethics of BNI. Membership Committees of any chapter may open classifications. In the absence of a Membership Committee, the Leadership Team may fulfill that responsibility.
14. If the Leadership Team fulfills all responsibilities throughout their term, they will receive as consideration an exemption of dues during their tenure as a Leadership Team member. The Leadership Team must agree to the terms outlined in the Leadership Team Agreement in order to hold a position and must go through training before participating.
15. In the absence of a Membership Committee, the Leadership Team may act as an ad hoc Membership Committee until one is established.
16. All BNI membership lists are for the purpose of 'giving' referrals and not for soliciting (via e-mail, direct mail, or other means) BNI members or Directors without their prior approval.
17. All new members must attend Member Success Program (MSP) training in their region within the first 60 days of their induction. Only after attending the MSP training may the new member be added to the "speaker rotation" for the chapter. Any new members not attending the MSP training within the first 60 days after being inducted into the chapter will be subject to having their classification opened by the Membership Committee.
18. Policies are subject to change. All proposed policy changes need to be reviewed first by the Board of Advisors.
19. Other than normal BNI printed materials, members may not use the BNI Intellectual Property (e.g. logos, trademarks, names, slogans, copyrighted materials, etc.) to manufacture, distribute, sell, market, or promote any product or service, or otherwise use the BNI Intellectual Property without obtaining the prior written consent of BNI HQ or the appropriate National Office. Members must agree to abide by the BNI Branding Standards for any permitted use.

1. There is an initial registration fee. Fees are paid annually. Contact your chapter's Secretary/Treasurer for amounts. Fees may also be paid with VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, or AMERICAN EXPRESS, CASH or CHECK.
2. BNI may establish chapters in every city or community with people interested in developing a referral-based business. In addition, BNI reserves the right to open more than one chapter per community or city where demand of BNl‘s services are requested.
3. Membership fees are payable 30 days prior to the due date. Members not paid by the first meeting of the month they are due, are considered late and will be assessed a late charge. If fees are not paid within 15 days, the member will be officially dropped by BNI.
4. Fees are non-refundable. A Certificate of Credit will be given, upon request, to members in good standing for the unused portion of their time.
5. Fees cannot be transferred from one person to another unless the fees are from the same company.
6. BNI has a strict policy on returned checks. A member has three working days in which to contact their Regional BNI office and resolve the matter. Any returned checks not resolved within this period will be turned over to collections. All returned checks will be assessed a minimum $25 returned check fee. If a member passes a second NSF check, that member will be subject to immediate termination.
7. BNI is a marketing service provided by BNI Enterprises, Inc. BNI or any of its franchisees reserve the right to discontinue a member‘s participation in this program.
8. A member requesting a transfer from their current chapter to a new chapter will be required to submit a completed new member application to the Membership Committee of the new chapter. In addition, if the member has less than 12 months of paid membership credit, they must submit a renewal payment. Or, if the member has more than 12 months of paid membership credit, no additional investment is required. Upon acceptance into the new chapter, the credit from their previous chapter will be added to their membership in the new chapter as well as the renewal time, if applicable.
Program Guidelines
Program Guidelines are not policies,but are recommended practices
that allow chapters to run more smoothly and effectively.
Members visiting other chapters should announce that they are from another chapter during Open Networking and in their Sales Manager Minute presentation.
Visiting members must not do or say anything that competes with a member of that chapter (check the chapter's weekly handout).
The chapter should be cautious in giving referrals to individuals they don't know, including visiting members.
Before visiting another chapter in any part of the world, the visiting member should call or email that chapter's President first.
A visiting member should visit on the same basis as a regular visitor, i.e., no more than twice.
Absences and tardiness mean less business for members; therefore, the Membership Committee of a chapter may give warnings to members who are consistently late or leave early. If the problem continues, the member's classification may be subject to being opened by the Membership Committee.
Select 2-4 Substitutes for yourself, and introduce them to your chapter prior to having them substitute for you.
People to consider for substitutes include: your customers, clients, patients, friends, family and/or employees.
The primary purpose for a substitute is to represent a BNI member. BNI recommends minimal use of a substitute. However, a member may use substitutes up to three times in a six-month period.
The chapter should be aware that a substitute will be attending the meeting. Members should email the chapter introducing their substitute. The Visitor Host should be there to greet the substitute and welcome him/her to the meeting.
Multi-level marketing members of BNI should represent their products and services in BNI and not the business opportunity element of their business.
International Board of Advisors
An International Board of Advisors exists
to address policy issues relating to BNI.

The International Board of Advisors is made up of regular members (like yourself) from various chapters throughout BNI.

The Board's purpose is to ensure that there is open communication between the membership and BNI Headquarters. If you have an issue or concern that you would like addressed by the International Board of Advisors, contact your Regional/Executive Director for more information.
Attendance Policy
BNI Policies come from:
Who enforces BNI policies?
The Attendance Policy says:
The purpose of the Attendance Policy is to:
MEMBERS: the International Board of Advisors
A Chapter's Membership Committee
Policy #5 - 3 Absences allowed within a 6 month period
Support Good members in continuing to be good members
BNI Chapter Meeting Agenda
1. Open Networking (15 minutes)
2. Welcome visitors and introduce the Leadership Team, Membership Committee, Visitor Hosts, Education Coordinator and Event Coordinator
3. Purpose and Overview of BNI (3 minutes)
4. Networking Education (by Education Coordinator – 3-5 minutes)
5. Announce BNI Network Leaders (1st meeting of each month)
6. Pass business card box
7. Welcome new and/or renewing members to the organization (Inductions)
8. Members introduce themselves and give 60-second Presentation
9. Welcome visitors to BNI and have member introduce them
10. Vice President’s Report
11. Membership Committee Report
12. Secretary/Treasurer announces speaker rotation and reads speaker’s bio
13. Speaker(s) give 5-10 minute presentation, including Q&A
14. Referrals & Testimonials
15. Referral Reality Check
16. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report (Investment to Join Statement)
17. President Thanks visitors
18. BNI announcements, reminders and special reports
19. Door Prize drawing(s), for members bringing referrals or visitors
20. Close Meeting
Organizational Terms
BNI Marketing System
A set of prescribed behaviors and procedures to follow in order to achieve the desired result of increased access to potential buyers found among the networks of BNI chapter members. The overall program is a marketing system because its component parts are integrated in a logical manner that are replicated in other jurisdictions with the same predictable results.

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of this organization is built upon the idea of Givers Gain® : by giving business to others, you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old idea of "What goes around, comes around."

Code of Ethics
A set of six principles describing accepted conduct for members of the organization. When a decision must be made related to ethical behavior, the Code of Ethics helps guide that decision.

General Policies
The course of action which is to be taken with regard to specific issues or questions that are commonly found within the organization's membership. The polices are designed to be prudent, expedient and advantageous for overall membership. All policies are approved by the International Board of Advisors. It is expected that members comply with the policies.

Administrative Policies
The actions followed when the BNI administrative leaders are faced with ambiguous circumstances requiring a decision.

Program Guidelines
Like administrative polices, the organizational guidelines help determine the BEST ADVICE on how to make a decision when circumstances regarding members are ambiguous.

BNI Chapter Meeting Agenda
The prescribed behavior and topical areeas to discuss and address during a meeting. The agenda provides direction for the BNI chapter members who seek a desired marketing outcome or increased marketing exposure and increase referral results.

Benefits of Membership
Membership in BNI offers the potential for greater results with decreased effort than that achieved by working apart from, or outside of, the organization. BNI membership offers increased opportunity to add value to one's business in comparison to working alone.

Contact Sphere
Opportunities for Referral Alliances based upon customer base. Contact Spheres are non-competing businesses that can easily provide referrals to each other.

Power Teams
Referral Alliances based on Contact Spheres that have committed to structured and continuous referral production.

***The BNI Philosophy, ethics, policies and guidelines perform the same function as a constitution for a society or association, the articles of incorporation for a corporation, or a town's by-laws. By complying with the directives of the social group, members increase the likelihood of getting value for their membership. Non-compliance with the organizational directives has consequences
New doors I'd like
to open include:
My three best customers are:
My best Contact Sphere professions are:
Member Launching Pad
Examples of referrals
that work well for me are:
BNI is all about education. You educate your fellow chapter members about what you do and what is a good referral for you. The other members of your chapter educate you in the same manner. The education takes place in four ways: your Sales Manager Minute; your Showcase Presentation; the 15 minutes of open networking before the agenda begins; and one-to-ones with other members.
It is important for you to be prepared so that you can utilize these educational opportunities to your greatest advantage.
Spend some time identifying the following:
1. ______________________
2. ______________________
3. ______________________
1. ______________________
2. ______________________
3. ______________________
1. ______________________
2. ______________________
3. ______________________
1. ______________________
2. ______________________
3. ______________________
Your Sales Manager Minute
Lowest Common Denominators (LCDs)
Make it Simple!
By breaking down your product or service list to its most basic form, also known as the lowest common denominator, you will be able to more effectively describe what it is you really do. Take each individual product or service from this list and create Sales Manager Minutes for the next several months. By using handouts, samples, or other visual aids, you are more likely to make a lasting impression on other chapter members. The more people can see, hear, taste, or touch, the more likely they are to remember your message.
List Specific Products
1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
List Specific Services
List Specific Target Markets
List Specific Benefits
List Competitive Advantages
What Problems do you Solve?
List Education/Qualifications
List Specific Handouts/Visual Aids
1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
Your Sales Manager Minute
1. Introduction
Company and Location
Years in Business/Field
2. Lowest Common Denominator
Reference one LCD from the previous page
3. Message
Story, Success, Testimonial
Facts tell, stories sell!
4. Ask for the Referral
Be specific! Include conversation started and phrases to listen for
5. Close
Name, company and profession
Your Sales Manager Minute
The Money Funnel
Your Sales Manager Minute
The Key to a
Powerful Sales Manager Minute:
Your Sales Manager Minute
Seven Week Presentation
This has a similar layout to a regular 60-second, except that it is focused around 7 aspects of your business:
Hello, my name is _______________ and I am (an/a/with) _______________ (of/with) _________________.

This is my _____ week of my "Seven Aspects of the __________________ Business" presentation.

The seven aspects I am speaking with you about are:
1. ________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________
6. ________________________________________________
7. ________________________________________________

So this week I would like to speak to you about (aspect # - ?) ____________
Therefore, a good referral for me would be (make sure it relates to your current one minute sales presentation):

(The next 40 seconds are the body of your presentation. After you finish this, you then close up with...)
Member Showcase Presentation
Plan, Prepare and Practice
Use LCD's
Invite for the Speaker (yourself)
Bring Bio and Door Prize
Email in Advance to the Chapter
Check all Equipment
Make it Memorable
stories, emotions, games
Use Handouts/Visuals
Interact / Involve Audience
props, visuals, ask/tell
Move Around
Make Eye Contact
Ask For Referrals
Read your Presentation
Tell your Life Story
Get Too Detailed or Technical
(a.k.a. don't teach them
to do your job;
teach them how to
your clients)
Make it a Laundry Lit
Read your PowerPoint presentations
Open for Question & Answer unless you know
the topic backwards and forwards
How to Pass QUALIFIED Referrals
Before the Meeting
1. Listen for a need
2. Tell them you know someone who can meet that
3. Share your experience or share a testimonial that
you've heard
4. Ask if the member can call them (Better yet, arrange
the call or meeting)
5. Pass the business card
6. Submit the Referral online on BNI Connect (the
receiving member
will get an email)
Note: When it's hot, it's hot! Don't wait to give the member the information, otherwise the referral may have found another avenue to fulfill his/her need.
During the Meeting
1. If you received a business card from the client/referral, bring it the to meeting and give it to the member you referred.

2. During the "I Have..." portion of the meeting,
explain how you developed the referral for the other member.

What do you do
you pass the referral?
After the Meeting
aka: What to do I do after I pass the referral?
1. Follow up with the member to find out how the referral is going.

2. If the referral is working out, contact the client to do a friendly follow up.

3. If the referral isn't working out, call the client to reconnect them with the member.

4. If the referral didn't work out, conduct a one-to-one with the member to learn how to strengthen future referrals.
Tips for Developing Qualified Referrals
Talk to the referral first to make sure they need the products or services of the member.

Find out the referral's time frame for needing the products or services. If it's more than a month, ask the member if you should hold the referral a little longer until it heats up for they are closer to having the need.

Find out the best time to call the referral... which date of the week, time of the day, method of contact?

Don't pass the referral today if you hear the request during the Sales Manager Minute today... the referral needs to be qualified.
Examples of a Good Referral
Hot Referral:
Warm Referral:
Tepid Referral:
Someone needs a phone system for a new office. A member of BNI gave him your business card
he is expecting your call.
Someone is new to the area and needs a good chiropractor. A member of BNI gave her your business card, and she wants you to call her next week.
Someone is shopping for auto insurance and is interested in a quote from your company. A member of BNI gave him your business card and you should call him soon.
Referral or Cold Call?
What is a Good referral?
A Good
Your BNI Member
"The Referral Triangle"
How to Invite Visitors
Inviting Mindset
Why to Invite Consistently
For referrals
To develop Contact Spheres
To build contacts and relationships outside of the chapter
Chapter/Member exposure
How to Find Visitors
Would you like to meet ___ number of local business people who can benefit your business?
How to Invite Visitors (Have a system)
How to Measure
G. R. I. P. on Inviting
1. Are you looking to GROW your business?

2. Would REFERRALS help you grow your business?

3. I would like to INTRODUCE you to other business professionals that may want to refer to you. Do you want to meet them?

4. Great, can you meet me at (PLACE) at (time) so I can introduce them to you?
How to Invite Visitors
How to Successfully Invite Visitors
Let the Meeting Sell BNI
Don’t tell prospective members too much. The less you tell them, the better. If you try to tell them everything about BNI, they will make a decision based on what you are telling them. It is like trying to give someone a haircut over the phone; you cannot get a prospective member excited just by telling them about BNI. All you want to do is to get them to come to the meeting. At that point, the meeting will sell them on BNI. If they see a structured meeting with supportive members helping each other and lots of qualified business being passed, they will want to become involved in your chapter.
Here is a good way to make that initial approach. Use it word-for-word when you invite people and you will get a lot of visitors …
John, I am working with a group of local business people who are looking for a plumber (insert the profession of the person you are inviting) to give their business to. Would you like to come and meet my colleagues?
So What Should You Say?
“Would meeting xxx number of local business people be a benefit to you?” If the answer is yes, then say …
I’m a member of a local business group and, as a member, I can bring a guest. The meeting is on ____day at 7:00 am. You’ll have a chance to introduce yourself and your company and hand out your business cards—so bring plenty. By the way, what type of people do you need to meet?

After they answer, figure out who in the group fits that description or knows people who do and then add …
We have _______________________ in the group and he knows a lot of people who fit that description. What I’ll do is arrange for him to stay after the meeting and introduce the two of you. Would that be helpful?

The important points are:
1. Find out if the person sees value in meeting other people.
2. Tell them they would get to promote themselves.
3. Arrange a one-to-one meeting, thereby giving extra value.
4. Get a commitment from the other person that it is a benefit to them.
Show a Benefit
Support the Showcase Presenter
The weekly chapter meeting has designed into it a perfect opportunity to give exposure to an individual member. That opportunity is the “Showcase Presentation” segment. This time can be used both by the other members and the speaker themselves. First, the members of the group should only invite if it is what the speaker wants. There are times that they may not want people brought specifically to hear them speak. Once the decision is made to invite guests, there are three types to invite:
1. Guests that fit the demographic that the speaker is looking for.
2. Client guests that match the demographics the speaker is looking for.
3. Guests that you want to introduce to someone else in the group and the speaker supplies a simple system for doing that.

The speaker can also use this time to their own advantage as well as the group’s advantage. They can invite three different types of guests.
1. People they've already gotten in front of but could use a boost in credibility & a refresher to their relationship.
2. People who are already referring them business or could be but are not. This will allow the speaker to educate them on how to refer them and, maybe even get them into the group so the referrals can become a weekly occurrence.
3. People they want to introduce to someone else in the group.

The key points to this process are:
1. The chapter should be proactive.
2. The members can use the speaker to make referrals easier.
3. The speaker can help themselves both for their own business and giving referrals.
How to Successfully Invite Visitors
Six "Don'ts" for Successful Inviting
If you want to maximize the number of your invitees who agree to attend a meeting, never mention any of the following during your conversations with them, whether on the telephone or face to face:

1. 7:00 a.m. (Repetitive early mornings)
2. Breakfast / Meals / Food
3. Weekly meetings
4. Networking: Network marketing or networking is often associated with multilevel marketing, not word of mouth.
5. Join: Remember that you are not trying to get them to join the chapter; you are only inviting them to attend a meeting.
6. BNI’s agenda: Let them experience the excitement you felt when you decided to apply to your chapter.
Top 10 Things BNI Members Do
1. They understand that trust takes time (Refer to the Referral Curve)
2. Stand and be heard!
3. Don't say … Anyone, Anybody, Someone, Somebody, Everyone, Everybody, Full-service, or Try (just do it!).
4. Ask for what you want
5. Stand and say “I Have …”
6. Get and Train Your Substitutes
7. Follow Up: If you provide great follow-up service to your Tier 1 and Tier 2 referrals, the Tier 3 referrals will come easy!
8. Give Feedback to your Referral Sources
9. Invite
10. One-to-One Dance Cards

11. Complete the Chapter Mentoring Program
Contact Spheres
Contact Sphere Worksheet
Contact spheres are businesses or professions that naturally provide a source of referrals for one another. They are in somewhat related but non-competitive businesses. Businesses in a contact sphere have a symbiotic relationship in that they support and enhance one another.

After you’ve identified what professions are in your contact sphere, circle the number next to the ones that are not currently represented in your chapter. Announce at your next chapter meeting what professions you’d like to see filled in your chapter. By asking other chapter members if they know someone in that field, they may be more willing to invite them to visit the chapter.
Contact Spheres
In successful BNI Chapters you will find five Contact Spheres with five or more members per sphere with a total chapter size of 25 to 30 members. In this environment, members will find 50% of their referrals coming from their Contact Sphere and the other 50% of their referrals coming from the rest of the chapter.
The following lists are examples of professional categories that fit the contact sphere profile. It is important to note that some professions will be in more than one contact sphere and that there could be more professional categories than are listed here.
This list can be as large as the chapter wants to make it.
Simply having at least five teams can create a nice size chapter!
**This is also an Excel Spreadsheet
available for download
in the Documents section
of BNI Connect
The One-to-One Dance Card, really just a way to schedule one-to-one meetings, is a great tool to use to get to know the other members of your chapter – outside of your regular meetings! The better rapport you have with each member, the more referrals you will both be able to give to each other. By systematically developing your relationships with each other, you will also be systematically developing your referrals in future meetings! Use the planner to schedule your one-to-one dance card meetings.
One-to-One Dance Card Planner
This form is available on
BNI Connect under "Documents"
One-to-One Dance Card Planning
It is as simple as scheduling one meeting per week with one of your BNI members!
Make a commitment to help your dance partner with referrals, both short-term and long-term. At the same time, invite prospective BNI members from their “Top 3” list to help them build their network through BNI and their Contact Sphere. If you met at someone’s office, plan to meet at the other person’s office next time.
1. Set Date and Time
a. Your office or theirs
b. Restaurant or Coffee Shop

Pick a time to meet! It may be better to meet at your dance partners office so you can learn more about their business, but you must both be cautious of distractions which could happen due to phone calls and drop in visitors.
2. Prepare Your Worksheets
a. Biography Sheet
b. GAINS Worksheet
c. Contact Sphere Planning Sheet
d. Last 10 Customers Worksheet
e. Customer Worksheet

Take the time to prepare your Dance Card Worksheets. The worksheets will help you share important information with your dance partner about your business and how to find referrals for you.
3. Exchange Information Before the Meeting
Fax or email your five worksheets to your dance partner before your meeting. If you are meeting with many members of your chapter, keep the originals handy, and fax or email them to the next person on your list a week ahead of time.
4. Bring Worksheets to the Meeting
Bring the same materials to your one-to-one dance card that you faxed or emailed earlier. You can also bring other materials that will help you help each other. For example, you can bring testimonials from your customers or your customer database to share if appropriate.
5. Meet with Your Dance Partner
Meet with your dance partner and learn as much as possible about how to find referrals for them. Use the worksheets as a way to get started.
6. Commit and Agree on Goals
a. One short-term goal
b. One long-term goal
c. Invite prospects from your dance partner’s “Contact Sphere Top 3”
d. Meet again
Givers Gain is a different kind of book. Rather than a “how-to” book on networking or referrals, Givers Gain is a corporate culture of BNI—our history and philosophy. These are anecdotes, stories, explanation and perspective on why particular policies and guidelines have been established, resulting in BNI becoming the largest and most successful referral organization in the world. We believe when you see something in writing that explains the history, it is often easier to understand the hidden elements in the policy, procedure or guideline. Below are the highlights. We’ve listed the topic, page number, and relevance:

The First BNI Chapter, “The Network”
Chapter 2, page 10
A “single, typed sheet of paper became our starting point.” The agenda, virtually unchanged today, is born.

Problems with a Member’s Behavior and the Membership Committee’s Function
Chapter 2, page 11
“We had to have systems of accountability to keep our chapters from turning into coffee klatches or social clubs.”

The Birth of Training & the BNI Directors’ Manual
Chapter 3, pages 15-17
“…training has been an important element of BNI from the beginning.”
Givers Gain®
The Importance of Testimonials
Chapter 3, pages 18-20
“This was the first of many BFOs (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) we’ve had in BNI.”

Meeting Every Two Weeks
Chapter 4, page 22
“Over time we found that these groups passed 52 percent fewer referrals than the groups that met weekly.”
“Look for people, not places or professions.”
Chapter 4, pages 25-26
BNI spreads by word-of-mouth, not by cold-calling. “BNI is a networking organization–and from its earliest days to right now, networking is how BNI lives, breathes, and grows.”

The Board of Advisors
Chapter 5, pages 38-40, and Chapter 7, page 59
“by 1990, every single policy in the organization had been either written or approved by the Board of Advisors.”

“We’re Different”
Chapter 7, pages 55-57
“We all speak the language of referrals.”

BNI-Misner Foundation
Chapter 7, page 61

Hidden Elements – Ivan breaking his “kata” into its individual parts
Chapter 7, pages 62-64
“Mastering the hidden elements is vital in the art of networking.”

Experimental Programs – Education Coordinator, MSP
Chapter 9, pages 78-80

BNI Traditions
Chapter 10, page 83
“Traditions tell us who we are as an organization.”

Keeping the Fun in Fundamentals
Chapter 10, page 87
“If you’re not enjoying the journey, you’re probably not going to enjoy the destination.”
BNI Outreach
What is the BNI-Misner Charitable Foundation
The BNI-Misner Charitable Foundation is a non-profit program that supports charitable causes relating to children and education anywhere in the world. The primary focus of the Foundation is to provide mini-grants ($500 or less) for educational projects. These grants are given out once a year, generally in September.

Why was it created?
Because of the growth of BNI, the organization felt it would be a good opportunity to give back to some of the communities in which BNI operates.

What is its Theme?
The BNI International Board of Advisors (made up of members throughout the world) has selected mini-grants relating to education and children to be the theme for its foundation. The BNI Foundation will make contributions to legitimate charitable organizations only. In the United States, that includes organizations with the IRS designation of 501 (c) (3) only. In addition, public schools qualify for grant allocations.

How do I participate?
Anyone may participate in the foundation by sending their tax-deductible contribution to BNI, made out to the BNI-Misner Charitable Foundation. Go to www

Donor Advised Contributions
Contributions go toward education and children’s programs. However, regions and chapters that donate $250 or more may make a “donor advised” request that can go to a legitimate charity of their choice within California Community Foundation guidelines. Call BNI Headquarters for details.
BNI Outreach
What does it mean to have a strategic alliance with BNI?
Companies that have formed a Strategic Alliance with BNI are in alignment with, and support, our mission. We establish a plan to proactively provide one another with information, support and referrals. Ultimately, we are committed to helping each other accomplish specific goals through effective cross promotion within our respective organizations.

What are some of the benefits of forming a Strategic Alliance with BNI?
1. Access to cutting edge business networking concepts, articles and best selling books
2. Networking experts are available as keynote speakers
3. A link to your organization will be available on our international website4. Reciprocal conference sponsorship opportunities
Much, much more...

How do you develop a strategic alliance with BNI?
It's as easy as 1-2-3 ...
1. Establish a relationship with (and support) the BNI Executive Director in your area.
2. Visit http://www.bni.com to be sure you're aware of (and support) BNI's current Strategic Alliance relationships.
3. Ask your local BNI Executive Director to refer you to a member of BNI's Strategic Alliance Committee.
BNI Outreach
The 3 major areas that the Referral Institute is involved in are:

Referral Marketing Training:
Our training programs range from one day programs to programs which cover several modules over 8-12 weeks. The Pipeline Program, our signature class, requires participants to attend the class with a referral source. The one-day Pipeline Seminar teaches a simple, highly manageable referral process in which participants leave the training having scheduled appointments with qualified prospects.
We encourage you to visit our website at www.ReferralInstitute.com. Our franchisees around the world offer many different programs that will continue to enhance your referral marketing knowledge and increase your skills and your results within your BNI chapter! For further details on how to attend programs in your area please contact Mike Macedonio at mikem@referralinstitute.com
Referral Marketing Consulting:
Our consultants design and implement customized referral marketing plans with businesses and corporate clients. Combining training, coaching and collaboration, our consultants are able to tailor the Referral Institute's programs to work with one employee or hundreds of employees around the world.
Referral Marketing Coaching:
As students of the Referral Institute begin learning the formulas and philosophies of the Referral Institute, they are also encouraged to have accountability. Our coaches have received intense training on behavioral styles, marketing plans, and are required to graduate from our Directive Coaching School.
Thank you for attending today's
Member Success Program
Before you leave, please fill-out and hand-in the MSP Verification Form; and fill out a CEU on BNI Connect asap!
Vickie Wacek - Executive Director of BNI Vermont
Welcome to BNI! The material in this document provides you with tools for enhancing your BNI success and information that shares the foundational elements of BNI: structure and education. The materials presented have been developed by BNI members, Directors, and staff for decades. It is designed as a reference for you on your way to success with BNI. You’ll learn valuable tools and techniques on how to:
• Develop an effective introduction
• Find referrals for other members
• Ask for the business that you want to receive
• Build successful business relationships with other members
• Successfully network your business
• Increase the quality of referrals being passed
• Increase your chapter membership

Use this tool as a reference guide throughout your membership. Refer to it often; use it as a way to educate other members on how to benefit from their BNI membership.

There are five sections to this document:
1. Your Participation: Helps set and track profitability goals
2. Your Chapter: BNI’s philosophy, policies, and guidelines
3. You, the Word-of-Mouth Professional: Tools to give dynamic Sales Manager Minutes and Showcase Presentations and to invite quality visitors to your network
4. Your Success: Explains Contact Spheres, Power Teams, and One-to-One Dance Cards
5. BNI Outreach: Information on the BNI Foundation, the Strategic Alliance Program and the Referral Institute

This document is a reference tool that reinforces the philosophy and mission of BNI. Our philosophy is built upon the idea of Givers Gain: by giving business to others, you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old idea of "what goes around comes around."

Our mission is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional ''word-of-mouth'' program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

Finally, the magic of this document is in your hands. When you actively use the tools and ideas presented, success will follow with stronger relationships, more referrals and increased rewards.

Remember, in BNI, it’s not net-sit, it’s not net-eat, it’s network!

With pleasure, we welcome and present this to you!
Vickie Wacek, Executive Director
BNI Vermont
Phone: (802) 557-0111
Setting Performance Goals
To achieve your Profitability Goals, you must also establish and commit to Performance Goals. BNI General Policy #6 states, “Members are required to bring bona-fide referrals and/or visitors to their BNI chapter. Chapters may establish a minimum number of referrals and/or visitors that is acceptable to maintain membership.” What does this state about importance of referrals and visitors?

My Performance Goals—Committing to What You Will Give

Read each goal, initial each one you accept it, fill in the blanks, then sign and date these Performance Goals.
_____ Attend every weekly meeting.
_____ Keep my business card holder up-to-date and with me at all times so
that I may refer chapter members when the opportunity arises.
_____ Arrive 15 minutes before each meeting, wear my name badge and
network with the members and guests.
_____ Be ready with a prepared Sales Manager Minute.
_____ Complete and turn in my Member Biography Sheet to my chapter
Secretary/Treasurer and ask to be scheduled for my first Showcase
_____ Be ready and willing to give my Showcase Presentation at every
opportunity that my chapter provides.
_____ Meet One-to-One with another member of my chapter at least _____
times per month.
_____ Read the Givers Gain book and listen to the CD within _____ weeks
following this training.
_____ Complete the Chapter Mentoring Program.

Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ______________________
Referral Curve Worksheet
The referral process is based on emotions. How we feel about each other will determine how we will refer to each other. It will determine not only the number of referrals we receive, but the quality of those referrals as well. Members need to remember that people will risk their lives before risking their reputations.
As a member, there are many things you can do to increase the trust of the other members through your participation in and out of your BNI meeting.
What can you do
INSIDE your meeting
to climb the curve?
Open Networking - meet visitors, follow up, ask open ended questions
Attire /
What can you do
OUTSIDE your meeting
to climb the curve?
Open &
Follow Up
Seek Visitors
Prepare your Sales Manager Minute
Take Educational Opportunities
Carry your
Card Holder
attending BNI chapter meetings every week,
inviting visitors each week,
participating in One-to-Ones each week,
consistently looking for opportunities to give referrals,
and all the other things that being part of BNI requires of us.
(please insert at bottom of form)
How did you originally find out about BNI?
BNI Member
Friend (
In State
Out of State
Family Member (
In State
Out of State
Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc)
Trade Show (
which one
Direct Mail Invitation
BNI Visitor's Day / Kick-Off Event
Rip Out Page 43 in your manual
Fill out all sections to your best ability
Turn in the completed form to the Trainer
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