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Auxiliary Verb - 2nd class

Where prezi excels - Create using frames - Check your overview - Use a Path - Nonlinear discussions

Daehyun Park

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Auxiliary Verb - 2nd class

Helping Verb
Helping Verb
May, Might, Must
Can not
Used to, Would
Would rather
Would like to
Had better
Let's move on
Can not
used to
Had better
Pop Quiz
I would go on blind dates in my twenties.
I used to go to the bar
every Friday when I was young
You should study hard to get a good score
would rather
should have p.p
should have p.p
should have p.p
Important expression
May, Might
may have p.p
must have p.p
cannot have p.p
to the next.
Lim Yo Hwan
She can not be
Choose the one.
Choose the one.
Let's read aloud together.
had better
Must vs May, Might
you can involve others to collect material for your prezi using prezi meeting
1st character
He can do it.
She can do it.
2nd character
I can do it.
Can I talk to you ?
3rd character
We may win this game.
We might win this game
It is impossible.
It may(might) be possible.
She will come.
She may come.
She might come.
We must win this game.
We might win this game.
He cannot lose the game.
He can not be
angry, hungry
tall, short
a teacher
a singer
Guess what happened in the past
I would think about you.
I used to think about you.
I would cook.
I used to cook.
Jack would cheat(on) me.
( )%
( )%
( )%
Mike used to cheat (on) me.
Should = had better
It's rush hour. I would rather take the subway.
It's rush hour. You would rather not take a taxi.
would like to
It's time to
start the last activity.

I would like to go to the internet cafe, Nexus.
I would like to eat some foods like pizza.
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