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The Most Popular Kid:

No description

Callie Keeter

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of The Most Popular Kid:

Once upon a time...
Agatha lived with her sister Gertrude, her evil mother, the teacher, and her pet frog, Frank.
High School: The Most Dreadful Place on Earth
"Dry your tears" boomed a voice from behind Agatha. Out of nowhere, a tall person suddenly appeared, looming above Agatha. "Look I even brought sparkles." said the person. "Who are you?" Agatha asked. "I'm the crazy Fairy Principal who tries to sprinkle you with dust from her magic wand." the woman replied. "No, you're my principal." Agatha countered. "Actually, I'm here to help you go to the ball. I mean party. Sorry, it's been a long time since I last helped someone go to a party to fulfill their dreams. What was her name? Cindra- Sandra- Kelly- Ella....?" the fairy principal said. "Any who, bibbity-bobbity- BOO!"
In the limo, Agatha was extremely excited she could barely contain herself. The limo driver pulled up to Sebastian's house, and Agatha squealed with joy. She could feel the heart-thumping beat of the music, and she could hear the voices talking over one another. Agatha knew she was destined for the life of a popular kid. She stepped out of the car. Her heart was pounding, matching the rhythm of her heels as she walked into the house, which was kind of offbeat because she was sort of clumsy. The minute she stepped inside, all eyes turned on her.
"Oh my word who is that girl? She's like, almost prettier than me." one of the popular girls said. "Are you going to do something about it?" asked her friend. "Does two plus two equal five?" she asked. "Don't make that face. You're not pretty enough to pull it off."
As Sebastian was running away from Gertrude, he ran into Agatha and he just barely caught her before she fell. "Hey, sorry about tha..." Sebastian stopped mid-sentence He was staring at the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. He looked her up and down, which made Agatha blush a bright, strawberry red. She wasn't used to this kind of attention. Before she knew what had happened, Sebastian had asked her to dance, and she found her lips replying with the only word she could find, "Yes."
"As with any wishes granted, there are rules. Because life is stupid. But anyway, you have to be home by midnight or else all of this will disappear and everyone will know the truth. Magic only remains until midnight, because that's when good little girls who care about school go home and go to bed." Fairy Principal Greene said. And with that, Agatha took off in her not so expensive limo (we are in a recession, you know.)
As Agatha ran away, jumping into her limo as it faded back to her old car, something hopped out of her car. Something green. "Frank? Frank why are you in my car?" Agatha asked. Frank hippity-hopped away slowly at first, then picking up the pace as Agatha followed him. "Frank! Ribbit Frank! Ribbit, Ribbit! RIBBET!!!!!" Frank was gone. Agatha sobbed as she trudged to her car, pulling away from the mayhem as the clock in her car flashed neon numbers reading 12:00.
Meanwhile, Ned had found Frank, and was searching through everyone at school, asking around and showing them Frank in the box he held him in. "Do you know whose frog this is?" he asked. "No, sorry. My frog has a very distinct Russian accent." the guy replied. "How do you know?" Ned asked. "It's all in the Ribbit man. They put all of their strength into that one word. Ribbit. It's not mine man, sorry." he shrugged and walked away.
"Can I walk you to class?" Ned asked. "Sure, thanks." Agatha replied. And that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.
All was well after that. Agatha and Ned were nerdy together. Gertrude and Garvey became a couple. After meeting Garvey, Gertrude became a different person. She wasn't lonely anymore, but rather she was a nicer, sweeter person. Wendy noticed the change in her daughter and realized that true happiness comes from others, and decided to start fresh with everyone. Even Agatha.
Feeling bad for the poor, nerdy kid, Agatha rolled her eyes at Sebastian and called him a jerk as she ran off to look for the nerd.
Agatha was walking past Ned, hanging her head when she heard a very distinct "Ribbit". "Frank?!" she gasped, looking up at her mystery Nerd, who was holding Frank. "Is this your frog?" the Nerd asked. '"Yes! Frank, oh my gosh Frank!" Agatha pushed her glasses up onto the top of her head as she grabbed the box from the Nerd. "Hey, are you-?" the Nerd asked. "We met at the party didn't we?" Agatha asked. "Yes. We did. I'm Ned." "Agatha." she replied.
In a horrible place called high school, there lived a girl named Agatha. She had a sister named Gertrude who loved to ruin her life. High school was a terrible place where hope went to die.
The Most Popular Guy in School, Sebastian, was wanted by every girl in the school for his good looks and supposed charm. He never bothered to look Agatha's way, being too busy with the rest of the female population of the high school and dribbling his basketball. He also had a love of flipping his long hair and saying "dude" while he talked. He wasn't the nicest though, shoving nerds into trash cans on a daily basis.
Gertrude thought she was the most beautiful girl in all the land. She spent all of her free time eating McDonald's cheeseburgers and cake, because that's what boys like. When she wasn't twirling her hair and saying, "So, yeah!", she was tormenting her younger sister, Agatha. More than anything in the entire world, Gertrude wanted to be the Most Popular Guy in School's girlfriend. She tried so hard, even going so far as to only wear pink on Wednesdays. Gertrude was extremely jealous of Agatha, who always made good grades and always knew the right thing to say to make someone feel better. Deep down inside, Gertrude had a secret; she was lonely.
Agatha was the smartest girl in school, and she had a heart, no, not the actual aorta, that was bigger than the Milky Way. Her sister, Gertrude, ridiculed her to no end, telling her she was the ugliest girl in the world and that her crush, the Most Popular Guy in School, would never go out with her. Her mother made her do all of the housework while Gertrude was able to do whatever she wanted, which mostly consisted of drooling over The Most Popular Guy in School and the cake that Agatha had just made. Agatha wanted to fit in and be popular, but she knew that would never happen.
Agatha's mother, Wendy, was an evil, wretched woman, who taught at the dreadful high school Agatha and Gertrude attended. She loved to give students points off for sloppy handwriting, and gave tests that were full of puzzling questions the students had barely learned. Wendy knew that Agatha was much smarter than Gertrude, and knew that Gertrude bullied her into doing her work for her, but Wendy refused to say anything. Out of the bottom of her somewhat loving heart, she wanted Gertrude to succeed, even if it meant doing so with grades that weren't really hers. Thinking back to when her husband, Mack, Agatha's real father but not Gertrude's, died, Wendy grew sad. She ate away her sorrows, watching them disappear with every fatty bite of fries and burgers. Looking at Agatha made her even more sad, so she punished her by forcing extra chores and work upon her.
Agatha had no real friends, due to her lack of social skills. Frank the Frog was her one true ally. He had no words to say, but he comforted her with the one sound that always made her feel safe, "Ribbit." At the end of the day, as Agatha would lie in bed after having finished the many chores given to her by Wendy, Frank would hop around on her bed and say "Ribbit" until Agatha would smile softly and say "I Ribbit you too, Frank."
Ned the Nerd, Sebastian's favorite person to bully, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. He was smart, kind, and well, different. He wasn't popular and no one knew his name, but that was the way he liked it. He was the only person other than Agatha in the dreadful high school who could tell you that two plus two did not equal five.
Since high school is notorious for being divided according to social status, Agatha knew she had no hope of ever becoming Sebastian's girlfriend. She was at the bottom of the pyramid, whilst he was at the top, metaphorically speaking of course.
Gertrude was ecstatic that she had been invited. Her plan was well on its way. Now all she had to do was get ready for the party so she could arrive and wow Sebastian with her good looks and wit. "Do you think I could go?" Agatha asked. "You're not pretty enough for Sebastian. Besides, you have to clean my room." Gertrude replied, as she admired herself in the mirror.
That evening, The Most Popular Guy in School, Sebastian, announced that he would be having a party for all of the trendiest kids to attend. He also said that at this party he would find his new girlfriend, from one of the many eligible girls at the dreadful high school. He sent a text message to everyone in school, saying that they were invited. Agatha and Gertrude were both invited, but Agatha knew that she had too many chores to even consider going.
Deciding all hope was lost (because that's what happens to girls in movies when they don't get what they want) Agatha collapsed into tears. "What will I do now? I need a boyfriend because that's how it happens in all the stories. I'll never be popular." Her trusty frog, Frank, hopped up beside and her and gave her a comforting, "Ribbit." "Thanks Frank,," she said, "I needed that."
Agatha was laden down with work that Wendy had given her, "Agatha, clean the bathrooms with a toothbrush, I want every inch of them clean. Next, you will vacuum the walls to get rid of the dust. You also need to clean Gertrude's room. It is atrocious because you have neglected your duties in this household. There is a party coming up that is crucial to Gertrude's social status. You must pick up her dress from the dry cleaners and pick up her shoes from the mall. You must also do her makeup and her hair." After hearing all this, Agatha realized she most likely would not be able to go to the party. She asked Wendy, " Do you think I could go to the party?" Wendy's response was exactly what she expected, "Only if you complete all of your chores."
"Whoops! Wrong party. I meant to say "bibbity-bobbity-POOF!"
"There we go." the Fairy Principal said. Agatha's clothes turned into a dress, her glasses disappeared, and her old beat up car turned into a Lincoln Limo. "We would have had a Hummer limo, but we're not THAT rich. We're in a recession!" the Fairy Principal said.
Agatha had a renewed sense of confidence now that she had the clothes to wear and (almost) the coolest ride to arrive in. "Oh, thank you so much Fairy Principal Greene," Agatha gushed. She was so ecstatic that she was going to go to the party and wow The Most Popular Guy in School, the dreamy Sebastian. "But wait.... what about my chores?'" Agatha asked. "All taken care of." Fairy Principal Greene reassured her. Before she could leave, Fairy Principal Greene gave her a warning.
Meanwhile, Gertrude walked up to Sebastian, reassuring herself that he couldn't resist her good looks. When she spotted him, she walked over to him and took a deep breath and blurted it all out. "I wrote you a song. It's almost as pretty as your face." she started to sing really off key and Sebastian grabbed his ears."Oh my ears are bleeding." he ran off, as another boy stepped up to pat Gertrude on the shoulder. "I thought it was beautiful." He said. "I'm Garvey. Wanna dance?" that was the first time anyone had said anything nice to Gertrude in a long time. She smiled, and off they went.
"Hey are you okay?" Agatha asked. "Oh, yeah um, I'm fine. That guys just a jerk. I have more money in my pocket than the level of his IQ. And I only have $1.65 to my name." Ned the Nerd said. Agatha snickered. "What are you doing with me? Aren't you supposed to be off with your handsome date. You're too pretty to talk to me." Ned the Nerd said, looking down the entire time. "I'm having more fun with you." Agatha said.
They danced and danced the night away, until it was almost eleven. Agatha thought that Sebastian was a dream come true, feeling herself falling in love. Just as they were walking to get some punch, a small nerdy kid ran into Sebastian on accident. He floundered for the right words to apologize, and even ran for napkins to clean the punch up off of the floor. Sebastian pushed the nerd away, saying "Get lost loser. How are you even at this party. You weren't invited. No one wants a loser like you here. You're nobody, Freak. Come on, let's go. We don't have time for people like him."
Just as Agatha was starting to have a good time and getting to know Ned, the clock struck twelve.
Agatha went home and crawled up into a ball on the couch, prepared to sit there and waste away. That Monday, school went on as normal at the Dreadful high school. Agatha stumbled through the halls hopelessly, wishing she knew that Frank was safe and sound at home. She would never be able to find another mustached frog as good as Frank.
As Agatha was stepping into the limo, she didn't hear the "Ribbit" of her pet frog, Frank, as he hopped into the limo after her.
Two Nerds and a Frog:
A Cinderella Spin-Off

This is Kool-Aid.
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