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Gold Mines

No description

Malik McGee

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Gold Mines

Community Garden & Mobile Kitchen
Administer & Support
The Administer of the group is Jada Brown. Quin`Nyah & Jada Manage what we sell.
Jada manages what we need to buy.
Quin`Nyah drives the food truck.
Jada and Quin`Niyah keeps good relationship with the customers by helping with special orders.
Types of Customers.

By:Gold Minds
A basic food truck costs $16,000-
We can expect to pay $2,000 a year for auto insurance.
On board equipment, such as deep fryers and stoves, will cost about $7,000
We must pay a $1,000 application fee two get a two year city license.
The fire safety permit which is not that much is a $100 fee.

Breakfast:Waffles & Special K parfait
Supplies & Utilities
What We Grow
Brussels Sprouts
Leafy Greens
Lunch:Chicken Teriyaki,Cranberry Barbecue chicken,Green Bean & Tuna salad,& Veggie Bacon Avocado sandwich.
Can opener
Aprons & hair nets
Garlic salt/ reg. salt
The Trinity

Dinner:Baked Italian Chicken on greens,Grilled Chicken Salad,Baked Potato with Chilli,& Tacos

Our idea is to make a mobile kitchen using ingredients from our community garden.
Because some people cant get around to go to the local food market or probably cant even leave the house because of other issues.

We want to sell healthier options of food.

Everything that we sell will cost different prices because it might cost us more to make it.

Some examples: Green beans and tuna salad $3.00
Chicken Teriyaki $5.00
Estimated Profit

Estimated start up cost is $26,100.

We expect donations from Volkswagen & area churches in return we will provide them Sunday dinner.

We also plan to raise money by having a car wash.

We expect to make $50,000 in the first year.
Our types of costumers are the people who cant get around to go to the super market stores or go anywhere to purchase the good s and other food things that they need for their home.
We hope that we can make this idea work for our community because there is enough that goes on through most neighborhoods.
But sometimes most people do things because they are hungry..Or at least that`s what most people.
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