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No description

Freek Tanis

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of TEDxLeiden

TEDxLeiden - Financing the Future Context Opportunity Health Education Caire Organize the cognitive and social surplus Communities WIR Energy Energy cooperative Consumer
Community Housing Create fertile ground Brixton
Pound Food The Future as it emerges now Economy Community
Currency Crowd
funding Commercial
Credit Circuit Time
Banking Crowd
Sourcing Challenges Complementary Financing Energy
Currency Harry te Riele Maria Scordiales Circular
Economy DNA - Why? SYSTEM - How? LANDSCAPE - What? to implement BIG ideas Cooperative Social Security Safety Mobility power of diversity and self organized networks accepted by
local government for tax payment Accepted by
Network Coverted
by Banks With a negative
interest Monitored by
organisations Additional
value for
energy creators
(higher ROI) The Benefit Economy TEDxLeiden - Financing the Future Solutions Resilient and sustainable society People have expectations of society that can not only be delivered by the current industial model Though these self organized networks we can bridge the gap between our current and future needs and limitations of todays industrial age Scientists are showing us that we are reaching
the boundaries of what this planet can deliver And we already know that the population will
grow to 9 billion people While an accelerating % of the earth population shifts to higher impact consumption patterns One can argue that we are reaching the boundaries of the industrial model From the many crisis that we know today one might conclude that instability has become a structural part within the system Money
Diversity Broodfonds Edgar Kampers Spark deep conversation and connections around ideas worth implementing People and organizations get B-Credits for sustainable energy, consumer and production practices Opening
(freek) ? Dialogue sessions during the day Prize positive societal impact to fuel a complementary economy that strengthen the main economy Marjan
Minnesma Shares her vision about
sustainability Dette
Glashouwe Barter
Network Credit
Union The digital connected world has created an enormous opportunity for collaboration and cocreation This allows us to organize the social and cognitive surplus on an a huge scale ? Banjamin
TED Overview Small and medium business and societal institutions organize in a network that uses B-Credits to exchange access capacity, increase liquidity, improve access to credit People use B-credits to pay local taxes, health insurance, Education, products and services The simple story Concept Grunneger Power Anette Riggs Barter Societal
Transition money is
a social
relationship Social
Structures Money is a social relation ship Tony Greenham Opening
(freek) ? These societal challenge can not only be delivered by the current industrial model what can we learn from other transitions
Synchronized transition is desired
create parallel paths (diversity) We now live a model where money = debt
On full reserve banking as an alternative model
On the need for complementary economies
On the need for complementary currencies
On the need to balance local and global need On the benefit of a complementary currencies
Show some good examples of large implementations
Show why there are a success?
Explain why so many fail or not give the full potential
Explain that in the Netherlands we have the experience
Show that we are ready to scale On why bartering is so important
That designed to reduce excess capacity
Where is has been successful? Reflect on the experience in the past year for Greece
On the social structures that are the fundament for societal exolution
On the positive experiences from Gree
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