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Shoguns & Samurai

by: Bay & Laine

Bay Etheredge

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Shoguns & Samurai

Shoguns & Samurai
by: Bay & Laine
6th Period Reference Page: World history Journey Across Time The Early Ages (My history book)
What are Shoguns? (A) shogun- commander of all of the emperor's military forces Shoguns' history(Who shogun' s are, continued): This decision created two governments in Japan. One the emperor stayed in his palace at Heian with his bureaucracy. The other, the shogun, set up in his own government at his headquarters in Kamakuura. (a shogunate) japan;s government was run by a series of shoguns for the next 700 years. Who was the First Shogun? -Yorito was the first shogun What did Yorito do? -Yorito proved to be a ruthless ruler, killing all his relatives in fear of them taking power from him. Yorito and his associates became the leading group in Japanese society. (Cool Name!, Not so cool of a person) -The shogun (Yorito) dominated all of Japan Who were the Samurai? To protect their lands and enforce the law, nobles formed private armies. To create their armies, the nobles gave land to warriors who agreed to fight for them. These warriors became known as Samurai Ninja... What...? How did the Samurai battle?: In battle, samurai fought on horseback with swords, daggers, & bows and arrows. They wore armor made of leather or steel scales laced together with silk cords. Their helmets had horns or crests, and they wore masks designed to be terrifying. told ya they were ninjas. What does Samurai mean? The word samurai means "one who serves". The samurai lived by a strict code of conduct. It was called Bushido, or "the way of the warrior". This code demanded that a samurai be loyal to his master as well as courageous, brave, and horrible. Samurai were not suppose to care for wealth. They regarded merchants as lacking in honor. What this means to the Samurai: (Continued...) The Samurai are so dedicated to this principle they would rather die in battle than betray his lord. They also did not want to suffer the misery of being captured in battle. Samurai -Samurai This Guy...... -Hello Kitty Samurai haha
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