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Career Analysis #1


Kelly MacMillan

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis #1

BAM! "Spice and Easy" Host Janet Johnston. Chef Giada De Laurentiis:
Host of the show "Giada At Home". Chef Guy Fieri:
Host of his show "Guy's Big Bite", as well as "Diners, drive-ins, and Dives". Chef Paula Deen's Loaded Oatmeal Cookies The salary of Chefs varies widely depending on the chef's employer, as well as their specific line of work. It ranges from $30,000-$45,000 dollars. But famous chefs, like Paula Deen or Sandra Lee would make much more, considering their profit from TV shows, magazines, etcetera. Education required for this career includes a degree from culinary school, and a lot of cooking experience. Job responsibilities include cooking meals or original recipes, as well as creating recipes. But famous chefs' job resposibilties also include anything from photoshoots for magazines, hosting/producing cooking shows, and making appearances in talk shows and cooking shows. There are many schools that offer Culinary degrees such as Le Cordon Bleu School, Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts, and The Arts Institutes which are loacted nation wide.
In the U.S and all over the world this job will be in demand in places that are expanding their restaraunt business. A dish done by an alumni of The Art Insititute in Pheonix. Chef Presentation By:
Kelly MacMillan This career works business to business with food companies that supply them with the needed ingredients, as well as a company to supply cookware, and a shipping company to ship all of these goods. Math is used in this career when they measure out ingredients, calculating cook times for their dishes, as well as figuring out the right size dish for their meal they have prepared. Customers for a Chef can include the people ordering their food, or if they're a famous chef it can include fans and viewers as well. The future of this career in ten years depends on growth of the restaraunt and food industry as well as advances in technology. Newer, modern cookware is being invented, so cooking and measuring will be easier. Problems that often needs to be solved are shortage on ingredients, picky customers, malfunctioning cookware, and overcooking/ undercooking food. Computer applications used in this career may include a program to keep track of the supply of ingredients, such as excel or microsoft word. Written and verbal communication are very important in this line of work. While working in groups, the chef and the rest of his/her staff need to communicate verbally to let people know what is going on in the kitchen so accidents or spills don't happen, as well as telling everyone you have something hot that could be dangerous to others. Written communication isn't used as much but is important if for example a waiter/waitress wrote down the wrong food order or didn't write clear enough the order will be wrong. Verbal communication with costumers is crucial when discussing a specific order, or when a meal is cooked wrong and the chef and costumer need to talk face to face.
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