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The Early Intensive Holistic Therapy Center for The Autistic

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Sinziana Burcea

on 13 March 2018

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Transcript of The Early Intensive Holistic Therapy Center for The Autistic

The first 40 children, part of our therapeutic program:

have the consciousness of belonging to a family and to a community,

they show more interest to spontaneous interaction,

have learned how to deal with changes,

have learned to explore, develop and express their learning experiences that help them understand the world,

Now back to work

Target group
: A total of 80

romanian and foreign families with autistic children had benefited from this service over the last 9 years.
30 families from Piatra Neamt
42 families from other Romanian towns
6 families from Slovenia
2 family from Republic of Moldova

The success of the therapy and integration in mainstream education was mainly due to the intervention on the whole family. The most powerful resource in this process is the family's strength,
working like a team,
and a
strong couple relationship.
The Early Intensive Holistic Therapy Center for The Autistic Child and His Family
The picture speaks about a child in two life situations:

1. Blue affected by
, who looks into a blurred water and it's difficult for him to see himself.
2. Green is the same child going through a process of
. When he looks into the water he is identified like himself.

In Adlerian psychotherapy green color means PURPOSE and GROWING. So our center suggests to children with autism and their family a DESTINATION (goal) and a ROAD (based on personal growth and development).
The Early Intensive Holistic Therapy Center - Being MySelf

Therapeutic Program includes :

- Four weeks of intensive care for the child and his family (play therapy for the child, individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy, feed-back, hydrotherapy, horse-therapy)

- Training for 1-2 therapists to continue therapy at home, after the family returns

- Regular monitoring and feedback every 2 months, in the first six months of intensive care, and after, at parent's request. Periodic evaluation is done using scales ATEC and CARS.
First steps
intensive care

- connecting,
- getting cooperation,
- understanding the interdependence between people,
- social reciprocity and awareness of similarities and differences between human beings.

Our approach also creates a favorable environment for the development of
child,s emotional needs
, encouraging the child to identify and experience a range of emotions. During intensive care child develops the
ability to observe

appropriate social behavior.

The psychotherapists constantly express enthusiasm and desire to be with the child, pleasure and joy in his company,
creating opportunities for spontaneous reactions to stimuli
synchronizing with the child's behavior
allowing a sense of action in interaction

In this way the child begins to
distinguish between his own and the others needs
, creating a basic connection that is essential for the continuation of
common experiences.

The Early Intensive Holistic Therapy Center for The Autistic Child and His Family Being MySelf in pictures :

A nice small happy house
Play-therapy room
Observation room
At this stage, the main objective of therapy for autistic children is to develop:

mechanisms of thinking,
adaptability and flexibility
through the game.

So the play becomes an issue for therapist and
the main concern of the child
. The whole cognitive learning process is performed through
, in different stage of development.
Sinziana Burcea

The leader of the Being MySelf Team
Principal Clinical Psychologist and Adlerian Psychotherapist
The Being MySelf Team 2015 from Piatra Neamt
Being MySelf
concept is a human aggregate in which each person is encouraged to discover his/her own self and
to step up aware
to the recovery process.

This human aggregate is made by : autistic children, their siblings, both parents and therapists. It only works if
between them exists.

Being MySelf 's goals

to help autistic child to discover himself in connection with others

to work with parents to discover who they are and to point out their strengths in this process.

to encourage each therapist from the team to discover his/her own self in relation with autistic child.
Therapist from Slovenia trained in our center (August 2013)
Therapist from Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, March 2014
Being MySelf team with therapists from Romania : Bucharest and Iasi
Team-building with adlerian counselor Wes Wingett, from Nebraska USA
Being MySelf Team and Slovenian guests - August 2013
What does Being MySelf concept means? Who are we?

Guests from Republic of Moldova, Chisinau
We love to work with autistic child and his family!

We like to constantly learn and share with others!

We play many games every day!

We are glad to know better our-selves!

We believe in love, faith and hope!

We are happy to work like a team!

The Early Intensive Holistic Therapy Center for The Autistic Child and His Family
Working the "Family constellation" in Being MySelf Team
The Early Intensive Holistic Therapy Center for The Autistic Child and His Family Being MySelf supports the family system as a
, while taking into account the contribution of each member like a unit, in order to positively change family interaction
The therapeutic process takes into account the needs of autistic child, so if the autistic child
sees the world in puzzle pieces
, the therapeutic process help him to
see the whole picture of the world
, full of meaning and significance.
The goal
of holistic approach is not to destroy or to fight with autistic
, but turn them into
guides for healing.
does not mean to turn an autistic child into a person who sees the world as us, but rather to help him
to communicate the way he sees the world.
Our center provides a non-directive and tolerant environment, that does not
the autistic child, but guides him in a better understanding of interpersonal relationships and the world. In this atmosphere the child feels


in the company of others, developing
based on how others perceive and behave towards him.
In this way the child begins to develop
a sense of competence.

The nature of social interaction helps him to develop

the need to be near people,
to have a sense of security with someone else,
to have the ability to predict the behavior of others,
to finally realize that another person is a human being,
decreasing , step by step , his existential fear.
Criteria of selecting families:

1. The child to be diagnosed with autism
2. The age limit is 5 years old
3. Parents need to be motivated and eager to participate during the recovery process, assuming responsibilities

Family appointment is made a few months before, in order to get time off for intensive care, after an initial interview in which parent's expectations are clarified.

Place to relax for therapists and families
Happy after team-building, aware of "our place" within the team!
Together we like to discover new places!
We like to talk and joke!
Together we would like to travel more! But...
Sometimes we love "to align" ourselves!
We like to be creative!
We like to jump through life!
To prepare gifts .....
Beautiful work, in Being MySelf style ....
Gifts made with love for the families we've worked with ...
We still believe in Santa Claus
More presents
Hand made gifts ......
Finished playful elf
Men are struggling more...
We love songs. With a guitar it's much easier..
We like singers ....
Always happy to give and to receive!
Working with the family and the child, we feel inspired to extract their essence, their meaning ...
The metaphor of family birds in the nest
Box of courage for TWO
Lucky child with his family!
Sensitive child who has grown up.
The brave child
ONE painting for TWO!
The most beautiful child
Slovenia needs you big boy!
Alone with a key that is important to him!
Love is the key that will open the door to his soul
We offer love and acceptance.
The team is divided into 3 categories:

The intensive intervention team
for autistic children and their family (adlerian psychotherapist)

The mobile team
to continue therapy at home with the child

The mediators team
that accompanies child to kindergarten

All three categories are closely interdependent.
We have met the coolest protector of cows of the world!
We celebrate the BLUE COLOR every year!
With love for "BLUE HEARTS"...
And encouraging messages....
In a GREEN framework !

We are grateful:
To the families who believed in us
For their tears
For their prayers
For their love
Because we've walked hand in hand!
"Thank You"
for your
for this this presentation!
To facilitate Total Integration for the autistic child, in collaboration with
The Association of Professional Psychologists from Romania,
we have prepared over 300 educators from mainstream education.
Teachers from Suceava
Teachers and students from Piatra Neamt
Educators from Vrancea
Teachers from Targu Neamt
Psychologists from Republic of Moldova
Professionals, teachers and parents from Bucharest
Teachers from Suceava
Teachers from Iasi
Discussions room (individual and couple therapy, feed-back, etc)
Coffee time and breakfast!
Small conference room!
Working together life is beautiful....
Educators from Bicaz
We step forward , confident and aware

We feel that we have a DESTINATION and every day of our lives seems to be
in this journey!
they are able to apply and to form their ideas, concepts and skills,

have learned how to control their impulses and understand the need for rules,

take risks and learn from mistakes,

have learned to think creatively and imaginatively,

have learned to communicate with others as they analyze and solve problems,

they express their fears or relive unsettling experiences in controlled and secure situations.
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