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Jesus Holguin

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Green DRIVE

ECO Youth Wake Up and Smell the Environmental Racism! What’s so Bad about Diesel??? There’s a LOT of problems...
> Where diesel comes from
(Drilling, Processing CRUDE OIL)
> Long term impacts of burning it:
Climate Change (aka global warming)

But that’s a whole other workshop... Asthma is... ... a very serious illness that many people have Dust
Heat and Humidity
Household chemicals
Vehicle Exhaust
Power Plants
Waste Incinerators Other Causes & Triggers
of Asthma include: Stand Up/Sit Down
I have smelled pollution where I live, play, work, or go to school Air Pollution
& Asthma NYC, Sunset Park: UPROSE Asthma: facts & stats 4) Out of the 3,077 total counties in the US, Providence county ranks in the bottom 6% for health risks from diesel pollution (93% are better, only 5% are worse!) 5) The worst air quality is in urban areas, close to highways and industrial sites, which tends to be located in low income communities. 40.5% of children in Providence live below the poverty line ASTHMA & INEQUALITY Our Solution: Green D(RI)VE
Run our bus on locally produced biodiesel and
used vegetable (cooking) oil! So, What can you do? Aint no power like the power of the people!
Cause the power of the people don’t stop! Organize! ECO Youth:
Wake up and smell the...
Environmental Racism I have asthma Someone in my family has asthma Someone I know has asthma I live near a highway, factory, auto shop, or industrial site 1) Asthma is the most common chronic illness in children 2) In 2008 approximately 28,000 children (aged 0-17) in RI were diagnosed by a doctor as having asthma... that is 12.4% of all children in RI. 3) The national childhood asthma rate is 9%. RI’s rate is the 5th highest in the entire country. 7) Latino children are twice as likely to be hospitalized for asthma than white children. Black children are 3 times as likely to be hospitalized for asthma than white children. 6) 98% of the Latino population of RI lives in urban areas. 99% of the Black population in RI lives in urban areas. The Disproportionate Impact Of Environmental Hazard On People Of Color Environmental Racism "Environmental Justice" is the movement's response to environmental racism"
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