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Brave New World: Genetic Engineering

A Presentation for an AP English Language Class

Vern M

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Brave New World: Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering Brave New World:
Genetic Engineering and Class Systems The manipulation of DNA sequences for the purpose of research and to produce a new organism, done by deleting and inserting genes. What is genetic engineering
how does it connect to BNW
Quotes/ideas from book
connections to our society
How genetic engineering affects our media and how it is used in society
How the class systems in BNW compare to our society "Awful? They don't find it so. On the contrary, they like it. It's light, it's childishly simple. No strain on the mind or the muscles." " Alphas can be completely socialized - but only one condition that you make them do Alpha work." " I see you don't like the Bokanovsky Groups; but, I assure you, they're the foundation on which everything is built." Our World The society of Brave New World is absurd,
it couldn't possibly happen here, man is more
humane than that. The Brave New World Our Manipulation of
Life Our Manipulation of Resources ...We are aware of the problem...It's portrayed in our media... But there is hope... Embracing ingenuity Ideas for life A breed apart In Touch with Tomorrow Your Vision, Our Future Expanding Possibilities "The only way we can move
forward is through science." The Power to be your best "We do it all for you." Get more out of now Much is lost in these genetic renovations... Technology you can enjoy Longer life
Improved Living
Healthier and more efficient lifestyle
Personal Satisfaction Disadvantages: Everything you want, nothing you don’t. "If you can't enjoy yourself, try enjoying someone else" Loss of humanity
Loss of Naturalness
Loss of Identity
Dissatisfaction with Natural Imperfections Benefits: This is how we should break it up:
1. Talk about BNW
2. Talk about how we are close to BNW
3. Present Commercial
4. And how we can prevent ourselves from becoming BNW

Roughly...things can be adjusted IDENTITY BELONGING "Be all that you can be." "Your potential. Our passion What is our world headed for? We are all connected. We are something too abstract to be copied. We have a life and soul in us that cannot be replicated. We are true life. We are human.
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