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Claudius - A Corrupt Murderer or an Opportunistic Leader?

Danika Brown, Evan Metcalfe, Joey Witherspoon

Danika Brown

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Claudius - A Corrupt Murderer or an Opportunistic Leader?

Claudius An opportunistic leader
or a corrupt murderer Danika, Evan and Joey LEADER Inspiring Improving Respectful Self-motivated Pro-active Prepared Confident Trustworthy Puts the people first Corrupt
Murderer Chronic lying Guilt Manipulative Self benefiting Two faced Charming Careful Surreptitious Claudius -Drinks and tarnishes Denmarks reputation "Makes us traduc'd and tax'd of other nations:
They clepe us drunkards, and with swinish phrase soil our addition;"(I.iv. 18-20) Claudius -Thinks of being king as a way of benefiting himself, not the people "May one be pardon'd and still retain the offence?" (III.iii.56) Claudius -Wants to be in power
-Killing competition Pre-meditated;
Kills Old King Hamlet
Sends Hamlet to his death
Claudius -Shows no emotions, as
long as he is in power,
nothing else matters No emotions when Gertrude dies
Kills his brother without remorse or honour
Sends his nephew to death Claudius -His people would rather a different King, he is not wanted "Choose we: Laertes shall be king" (IV.v.103) Claudius -Prevents Fortinbras from going to
war with Denmark Machiavellian Leader Feared than loved Using ones arms Intelligence Having peoples support Pretend to have virtues "On Fortinbras; which he, in brief, obeys;
Receives rebuke from Norway, and in fine
Makes vow before his uncle never more
To give the assay of arms against your majesty." (II.ii.71-74) "...we have here writ
To Norway, uncle of young Fortinbras,--
Who, impotent and bed-rid, scarcely hears
Of this his nephew's purpose,--to suppress
His further gait herein;"(I.ii.28-32) However Young Fortinbras would not have decided to attack Denmark if Claudius had not killed old king Hamlet. Young Fortinbras attacked because he thought the state would be "disjoint and out of state" due to old king Hamlet's death.

A tyrant tends to dwell within a tyrant himself,
where no army of white cells can fight for their health.
Nor for the others, nor for themselves -
settle the score and let it pour in the drought.
"We could use some more help!"
But what is help to a man? Just a string of words decorated by the touch of a hand
Though depending on the hand,
it's a chase to believe, that ones compassion is real and not just made to mislead
Make believe.
Creating tactics that make us perceive that this outbreak of deceit is simply fate at its pique.
Very well.
Say what you please, there's a demon in you,
and she's hungry for more sour weakness in you.

Tesson R. Hellian
Royal Lies Spoil Lives
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