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Cultural Perspective of Textiles - India

No description

Pratiksha C

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Cultural Perspective of Textiles - India

By Pratiksha Chuttar Cultural Perspectives of Textiles
Cotton fabric is used to make clothing that is lightweight. This material is a favorite because it keeps the wearer cool and is easily washed. Cotton
Crepe fabric is woven in silk. It is commonly used to make suits and bridal clothing. Crepe Georgette is created with a combination of nylon and polyester. It is a favorite fabric for women because it has a graceful, soft and delicate appearance. Georgette
Silk is a timeless fabric, and can be used to create almost any design. However, silk requires more care than other fabric types. Silk
Chiffon is created with a combination of nylon and silk. The sari created from chiffon creates an image of elegance. Chiffon The sewing of glass and mirrors onto fabric Shisha Embroidery The tyeing and dyeing of fabric Bandhani Work The printing onto cotton and silk using wooden blocks Wooden block printing The dyeing of fabric using wax and dye Batik Embroidery Beading 1) Place a piece of calico behind your background fabric
2) Place the circular mirror on top of the fabric
3) Sew around the mirror with the shisha stitch (shown in diagram) Shisha Embroidery Traditional Girl's Clothing Ghagra Sari Salwaar Kameez Traditional Boy's Clothing Dhoti Turban Kurta Cotton Side Bag with Shisha Embroidery Cotton Scarf with Shisha Embroidery Cotton Full Circle Skirt with Shisha Embroidery
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