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Advantages of Prezi

No description

Bethany Parsons

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Advantages of Prezi

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prezi
The Advantages of Prezi
Prezi is a US-based presentation software that has been live since 2009. But what's so good about it?
Cloud Access
Prezi Presentations are accessed through their website, prezi.com. This means that you can create, edit, and present your presentation on any computer with internet access - anywhere, anytime.
If you don't like the templates, you can create a Prezi presentation from scratch. The templates themselves are also customisable - from the colour scheme and size of bubbles, to the number of frames included on the presentation.
Basic Prezi membership is free! Every user gets up to 100mb of free storage for their presentations, and a variety of paid membership plans are available for members with more demanding needs.
The Prezi website comes with an assortment of templates in many different styles, meeting the needs of a diverse range of presentations.
Disadvantages of

Motion sickness
The "swooshing" motions of Prezi can make some users feel motion sickness.
Connectivity and Price
You need an internet connection to use Prezi, unless you pay for the desktop version. This could potentially limit access for some users.
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