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Chicagoland Bike Map

No description

Brandon Whyte

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Chicagoland Bike Map

Complete Qualitative Analysis of a Major Metropolitan Area
Establishing a System for
Qualitative Route Analysis
Establishing a System for
Qualitative Route Analysis
Establishing a System for
Qualitative Route Analysis
Establishing a System for
Qualitative Route Analysis
Establishing a System for
Qualitative Route Analysis
Thousands of Miles of Routes Evaluated by Local Cyclists
Ten Counties Across Three States
One Map Reflecting Cycling Routes as Actual Cyclists Experience Them.
Brandon Whyte
Assistant Transportation Planner
Active Transportation Alliance
312.427.3325 x222

Existing Methods of Route Analysis:
Bicycle Level of Service (Landis et al. 1997)
Level of Traffic Stress (Mekuria et al. 2012)
IDOT 2009 BLOS - D
5th Edition CBM - Excellent
A Map for Cyclists Made by Cyclists
Made for Long Ten or More Mile Trips
All Types of Cyclists
Current and Exhaustive
An Aid Not Just For Bike Maps But Planning Too
Route Evaluation:
The Rider Rating System
- Suitable for bicyclists of all levels.
- Suitable for most bicyclists.

- Suitable for advanced bicyclists.

Data Collection and Processing
Eight Structured Training Sessions
Over Thirty Experienced Volunteers
Electronic and Paper Data Collection
Complete Creation of GIS Data
Professional Graphic Design Team
A Weekend Trip to the Wildcats Game At Ryan Field
Points of Interest
Bike Shops
Metra and CTA
Not Shown -Barriers
An Expert Guide
When You May Otherwise Be Lost
Ryan Field ~ 20 Miles
Major Roads and Railroads
Purely Quantitative - Data not always available.
Does not include intersections
All based on single study group
Doesn't directly relate to people
Attempts to be qualitative using quantitative data
Relates to groups of people and their relationship to cycling
Considers facility treatments more broadly and realistically
Actual people were never consulted
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