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No description

Nick Giroux

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Plumbing

Description of Career
-The definition of a plumber is A person who fits and repairs the pipes, fittings, and other apparatus of water supply, sanitation, or heating systems.
-A plumber installs and maintains pipes that are used for water, such as sewage water, drainage and drinking water.
-Plumbers are also responsible for equipment involving water for example water heaters and backflow preventers
-Plumbing is essential because of the need of clean water transportation as well as sewage transportation
History of Plumbing
-Plumbing originated in Ancient Rome
- Originating from latin "Plumbum" meaning lead.
-Plumber meaning "people who work with lead"
Working Conditions
-It depends on what the plumber is doing
Most of the time in a customers house but could be:
-Hazardous waste treatment plant
Example of an ancient roman plumbing valve
1st century AD bronze and lead
Roman lead pipe with folded seam
-Starting salary in Canada with no experience: minimum wage($10.25) to $21.00 (average:$15.00-$16.00)
-Starting with experience (Apprenticeship program): $13.00-$21.00 (average:$17.00-$18.00)
-After one year of working: $15:00-$22.00 (average:$17.00-$18.00)
-Most frequently paid: $15.00-$27.00 (average:$21.00-$22.00)
-A high school diploma is needed, take as many math courses as possible
-Any high school diploma, no need for a specific school
-Apprenticeship requires 6,000-9,000 hours, 4-5 years
-College graduate not needed, but encouraged for employment
-Plumbing is more of a do and learn career, apprenticeship
-Many colleges offer apprenticeship programs
-Trade schools
-Shortage of plumbers, constantly hiring
-The pay is great, one of the highest paid trade
-Great Benefits, good for families
-Plumbers always needed regardless of economic status
-Easy to get promoted,easy ladder to climb
-With the knowledge that you have you can fix your own plumbing issues
-Never boring, never same place
-Plumber's Knees
-Always have to be available to work
-Breathe in fumes from saudering and welding
-Self employment
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-Other dangers depending on age of building
Career Ladder
-Start out as an assistant in the shop doing things like preparing materials and preparing work orders
-They evaluate you on work ethic, strength and dedication
-They then bring you on the work sites and show you how things work and how to do the job
-You then begin your apprenticeship, includes 6,000-9,000 hours of on job experience which takes 4-5 years, which also needs to include 3 8 week sessions taken at a college before becoming certified
-You then have to get a company(the one you did your apprenticeship with) to sign off that you completed everything and take a test provided by the Ministry of Labor,costs $100 to take the test each time if failed there is no waiting period
-You are then a licensed plumber
-Social skills
Soft Skills
-Good work ethic
-Realistic expectations
-Prioritization skills
Hard Skills
-High School Diploma
-Completed Apprenticeship (including the 3 8 week college sessions)
-Passed test from Ministry of Labor
-Company sign off
Employment Outlook
-Employment of plumbers is expected to grow 26% between 2010 and 2020, faster than the average job
-This is because of the baby boomers retiring from the trade, making room for up and comers
- This is happening with most of the trades for the same reason
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