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nikki maxine valdez

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of HISTORY

GROUP 2 HISTORY Question # When was the Sedition Law passed? Question #3 The Sedition Law effectively suppressed several aspects in the society that the Filipinos may use for the expression of independence and nationalism. Except for one. Besas, Lady Phaulyn
Federico, Fiona Criscelle
Feliciano, Melo
Navelgas, Roman
Valdez, Nikki Maxine A. November 4, 1901
B. August 29, 1901
C. August 6, 1985
D. March 26, 1901 A. November 4, 1901 ANSWER QUESTION #2 ANSWER:

B. McKinley Who instructed the Taft Commission that "to law that to passed abridging the freedom of speech or the press of the right of the people to peacefully assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances? A. McArthur
B. Howard Taft
C. McKinley
D. Mr. Bottle A. Theater and other art expression
B. Religion
C. Publication
D. Political movements Answer: B. Religion A. Pro American sentiments
B. Pro Spanish sentiments
C.Anti American sentiments
D. Anti American sentiments What does the theater expresses during suppressed nationalism? QUESTION #4 ANSWER:

D. Anti American sentiments Question #5 What display or symbol
was forbidden during the Sedition Law? A. American flag
B. bolo
C. Philippine flag
D. God. Gold. Glory Answer C. Philippine flag QUESTION #8 A. Miguel Morayta
B. Pascual Poblete
C. Cecilio Apostol
D. Prudence Managuelod In August 1901, Nationalista
party was formed. Who organized the said party? ANSWER: B. Pascual Poblete A Partido Democrata
B. Liberal Party
C. Nacionalista
D. Party-party ANSWER: QUESTION #10 What party do Americans refused to acknowledge? A. Partido Democrata QUESTION #11 A journalist and poet who decided to run as candidate in Manila for the newly organized Liga Popular Nacionalista A. Teodoro Kalaw
B. Fernando Ma. Guerrero
C. Miguel Morayta
D. F. Balyena Answer: QUESTION #6 Who wrote the
Tanikalang Ginto? ????? A. Roman Navelgashhhhh
B. Juan Abad
C. Graciano Lopez Jaena
D. Gregorio Del Pilar B. Juan ABAD D. AURELIO TOLENTINO He was a member of the Katipunan and later wrote various Nationalists and headed a secret society called the FUENTE DE AMIGOS A. Juan Matapang Cruz
B. Artemio Ricarte
C. Lady the 1st
D. Aurelio Tolentino QUESTION # 7 An act which prohibited the display of flags, banners, emblems as devices used in the Philippines for the purpose of insurrection or rebellion against the United States and of Katipunan flags, banners, emblems or devices A. Act No. 6096
B. Act NO. 9262
C. Act No. 1696
D. Act No. 7262 ANSWER:

C. Act No. QUESTION # 12 C.
Pedro Paterno The objective of Liberal Party was self- government. Who formed it? A. Macario Sakay
B. Lope K. Santos
C. Pedro Paterno
D. Trinidad Pardo
# 13 The Governor who
signed the
Philippine Legislature's Act
repealing the Flag Law A. Francis Burton Harrison
B. Rafael Palma
C. Teodoro Kalaw
D. Gen. Pronachi ANSWER: This newspaper was founded by
Sergio Osmena and Jaime de Veyra in Cebu? A. El Nuevo Dia
B. La Solidaridad
C. La Concordia
D. El Renacimiento ANSWER: QUESTION #14 QUESTION # 15 It was founded by
Rafael Palma and fellow nationalists writers in
Manila which means Rebirt A. El Renacimiento
B. El Nueva Dia
C. La Solidaridad
D. Aves de Rapina Editorial ANSWER: QUESTION
# 16 The law that prohibited
Filipinos in forming organizations against American Organization A. Reconcentration Act of 1903
B. Brigandage Law
C. Sedition Law
D. Flag Law ANSWER:

B. Pedro Pronachi
C. Macario Leon Sakay
D. Jaime de Vergia He is a barber and zarsuela
stage actor of the teatro PORVINIR founded by Andres Bonifacio. He is also the Sec. General of the Nationalista Party and also known as the ORIGINAL KATIPUNERO. Who is he? ANSWER:

C. Macario Leon Sakay It is an American Policy which relocated rural population into overcrowding village- newly created concentration camps. It was enacted to deprive rebels from acquiting peasant support? A. Sedition Law
B. Flag Law
C.Brigandage Law
D. Reconcentration Act of 1903 ANSWER: QUESTION # 18 QUESTION #20 What is the complete
name of our professor in History 01? B. Fernando Ma. Guerrero A. Francis Burton Harrison A. El Nuevo Dia A. El Renacimiento D. Reconcentration
# The play written by
Gabriel Beato Francisco on February 21, 1905 in Laoag, Ilocos Norte wherein the entire audience reportedly arrested A. Ang Kalayaan
B. Pulong Pinaglahuran
C. Dahas na Bato
D. Ang Katipunan 19 ANSWER:

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