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Research Proposal

This proposal was created to show our ability to create and understand the elements of a research proposal. It is a hypothetical proposal and the research was not actually conducted.

Samara Carranza

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Research Proposal

Research Question How does the school principal’s understanding of the counselor’s training and roles, and ASCA National Model affect the outcome of the school counseling program? What elements contribute to a successful school counseling program? Successful school counseling program Funding Counselor Training Teacher support Principal's support Resources Student population Community support Student risk factors Student resiliency factors Number of counselors Student to teacher ratio Student to counselor ratio Principal's expectation Teacher expectation Parent involvment Research based program A principal's understanding of a school counseling program is a key component for success Increasing expecations for accountability in schools
Principals must understand standards and training to set realistic expectations and goals
Principals need to be able to conduct educated assessments of all staff to meet goals for student success
Recent development of ASCA National Standards
Evaluation of counselors should be based on ASCA National Model, which includes the National Standards What is the ASCA National Model? How do we do this? 3 Areas of School Counseling Personal/Social Development
Academic Development
Career Development Purpose of ASCA National Model is to create one vision and one voice for school counseling programs ASCA National Model was created in 2002 Research on the relationship between counselors and principals Research on how to assess school counselors and counseling programs Study the correlation between a principal's understanding and school counseling program outcomes ASCA provides a model for consistency and evaluation Methodology Results Discussion Sample Procedure ASCA Program Audit Principal Survey Sample The ASCA Program Audit rates a school's counseling program by evaluating 17 content areas of the program. Principal's understanding of counselor training
Principal's understanding of counselor roles
Principal's understanding of ASCA National Model Three Key Elements National Association of
Secondary School Principals Measures Quantitative Research Design An e-mail message
containing an informed
consent disclaimer and
to schedule the researcher
visit to the school. A follow-up
email confirming site visit date. Upon arrival, Researcher
meets with Principal
and Counselor. Researcher
Principal Survey. Researcher
ASCA National Model
Program Audit of
Counseling Program. A telephone call to the Principal explaining the
purpose of the study and to gain verbal approval from both Principal and Counseling department. Successful School Counseling Program! School Counselors
collaborating and
educating Principals Principal continuing education programs should include training around the ASCA National Model Prinicipal's knowledge and understanding And ultimately provide an optimal
environment for student success. Principals were asked five questions in each domain: Counselor Training
Counselor Roles
ASCA National Standards -based upon Council for Accreditation of Counseling and
Related Educational Programs (CACREP) certification standards. -based upon the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model The highest possible score a school can achieve on the audit is 348. The principal survey's fifteen questions were ranked on a 1-5 Likert scale. Selected from Professional Organizations Limitations Years in occupation
Membership in professional organizations Sample should be broad All 50 states
Urban, suburban, rural
Vary amounts of students on the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program
Meeting and not-meeting AYP standards Assesses a school counseling program in alignment with ASCA National Standards
Should be used to create a counseling program
Should be used yearly to assess program development
Results show strengths and weaknesses and help determine goals The highest score possible, reflecting perfect understanding of each content area, is 75. Our goal is always
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