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Salena Tran

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of INTERNET ADDICTION

1-Signs of internet addiction
2-What is internet addiction?
3-Symptoms of internet addiction
4- Scientific research article

Dangerous Effects of Internet Addiction

Spending increasing amounts of time online eventually isolates a person from friends and loved ones
It can affect your social life making one feel depressed when the internet is not available
Loss of significant relationship in a person life amounts to a loss of self identity and connection with life.
I've just been at home. I gotta finish playing this game, and then I gotta finish these seasons on Netflix but then I gotta Skype with my sister later and then I have to update my Pinterest boards.
Hey! Where have you been lately?
Works Cited
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But...you're missing classes...and you missed my birthday..
are you addicted to the internet ?
check this test out ..

Internet addiction disorder
Scientific method
Does the amount of time an adolescent spends on the internet affect their brain?
The adolescents that are addicted to the internet (have IAD) will show disrupted functional connections in their brain.
33 right-handed participants
17 adolescents with IAD (15 men, 2 women)
16 sex/age/education-matched healthy control [HC] subjects (14 men, 2 women)
brain scans were performed to see any changes or injuries in the brain.
Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is
a mental health disorder, particularly
among adolescents.
It is also an impulse disorder
According to our article, people who spend more than 4.8 hours a day on the internet, over a period of time, could have IAD.
Dry eyes/strained vision
Back aches and neck aches
Sleep disturbances
Weight gain or loss

If adolescents spend 4.8 +/- 2.2 hours a day on the internet/online gaming, then their functional networks in their brain will be affected and differentiate from the non-addicted.
Scientists found about 59 links in the brain that showed reduced connectivity in all the adolescents with IAD. These changes were not found in non-addicts. Reduced brain connectivity in two main areas:
Between the frontal and sub cortical regions
Between the parietal and sub cortical regions
There were significant difference in three functional connections. IAD patients functional connections in their brain were affected and differed from those non-addicts.
Subjects with IAD have increased functional connectivity in bilateral cerebellum posterior lobe and middle gyrus.
Decreased connectivity in bilateral inferior parietal lobe and right inferior temporal gyrus
Nowadays people spend more and more time on the internet
Wee, Chong Yaw and Zhimin Zhao et' al.
"Disrupted Brain Functional Network in Internet Addiction Disorder: A Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study." PLoS ONE 9(9): e107306. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0107306.
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