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soc ก้ soc

soc ก้ soc

nut nut 555

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of soc ก้ soc

THE SPACE RACE How did the event start? How did the space race start? The space started on Oct,4 , 1957,when the USSR launched the first satellite ever into the orbit
daround the Earth. The satellite was called " Sputnik" who were the main people/groups of people involve in the space race? what are the most important concepts to know about in order to understand the space race? The United States and the Soviet Union became enemies after WWII. This period was called the Cold War. They competed against each other as each one wanted to become the most powerful nation. They were enemies and competed in many fields like military, technology, and culture. This rivalry represented the fight between different ideologies, or philosophies of the two countries. The two opposing ideologies are capitalism and communism. How was the space race resolved? How did it end? It didn't end. Russia & USA still have competetive space programs. How does the space race fit in with the Cold War?
In other words, how did ideas from the Cold War lead to this space race. Cold War, USSR & USA both though that their ideologies were right. They also wanted to show that the idea was right by doing impressive things like sending people to space. Lasting Impact. How has the space race affected the way people think today? Why is it important to know about? Space programs have become popular all over the world in places like China,USA and Russia. Friendly competition in astronautic programs in these countries helps all of the space exploration developments to excel.The whole world has benefitted from the knowledge gained by these space programs.
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